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What size espadrilles should I choose so as not to get the wrong size?

The espadrille is a shoe of Basque origin which has been a real success for several years. Popular for its comfort and relaxed style, it recalls the atmosphere of vacations and sandy beaches. It is on everyone's feet from spring, and there is something for all tastes and all ages. However, do you know how to choose the right size for your espadrilles?

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Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Pair of Espadrilles

Choosing the right size for your espadrilles is a fundamental step when purchasing your pair of shoes. Indeed, there are important characteristics to know about this shoe to be able to enjoy it sustainably and properly.

First, unlike other shoes, you don't just rely on your size. The perfect size for your espadrilles differs depending on the model. You will not choose your heeled espadrilles based on the same criteria as your flat-soled espadrilles.

If you opt instead for the women's espadrille with a heel or wedge, it is advisable to choose your usual size. The canvas is elastic, which allows your toes to adhere to the espadrilles and be perfectly supported. However, if your feet are thin, you will also be advised to choose a size smaller. In addition to providing additional support, these heeled espadrilles allow women to add a touch of femininity and sophistication to their look. This is why it is essential to take the time to choose the size that fits best.

On the other hand, if you decide to adopt the traditional flat espadrille, hand-sewn, without a wedge sole, it is recommended to choose a half size, or even a size smaller than your usual size. The reason is that, over time, the fabric it is made of tends to relax to conform to the shape of your feet. Be careful, if your feet are rather strong, that is to say a little wider at the front, at the toes, you can opt for a pair of flat espadrilles of your usual size, or even larger.

women's flat espadrille

However, it is also important to take into consideration the differences between brands and the fit of their models, as sizes can also vary depending on these items, as well as the country in which you are purchasing them. The main reason is that sneaker factories don't use the same molds to make their shoes. It is best to avoid buying a pair of sneakers based on size from another brand. Do not hesitate to consult the size guide of the brand you are considering purchasing and measure your foot to ensure you choose the correct size.

The choice of size for mule models is less problematic. This chic and comfortable model is popular for its opening at the back allowing the foot to breathe. The size of the sneaker is not important as long as the foot fits easily into the shoe and does not protrude out of the shoe.

angarde men's mules

At angarde, our mules are elegant, light and ultra practical! You can also find all our men's and women's espadrilles .

The espadrille according to the season

It is recommended not to wear the same pair of espadrilles in summer and winter, because if you want them to fit your feet properly, this will not be possible, as they naturally expand under the effect of the heat. It is therefore wiser to choose a size larger than your usual size for hot weather. This will allow your feet to breathe and not be too tight in the shoe. In winter, it is preferable to opt for your usual size to ensure good grip and support for the foot in the shoe.

In addition, owning two pairs of espadrilles worn depending on the season allows for more sustainable use of the shoes by extending their lifespan and preserving their good condition.

Finding the right balance between your initial size and the size difference required for your pair of espadrilles is essential to ensure your comfort.

As you will have understood, the ideal is to have a pair of shoes for each season! So all you have to do is wear your espadrilles according to the appropriate occasion .

Why is it important to choose your size correctly?

The size of your shoes is decisive for the well-being of your feet, to avoid having sore feet after walking for a long time. In addition, to protect your wallet, espadrilles that fit well on the foot will be damaged less quickly, which will maximize their durability.

It should be noted that even if your espadrilles are the right size, they can still cause some discomfort the first few times you wear them. In fact, new espadrilles, like most shoes, can hurt a little and tighten the feet during the first few hours, while the canvas stretches and conforms correctly to the shape of the foot.

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And if we wear our espadrilles at home...

Your pair of sandals isn't just for the outdoors. In the Basque countries, some people opt for espadrilles at home, replacing traditional slippers, favored for their comfort and lightness. Likewise, the sole is designed not to be damaged by humidity, and as a bonus, this pair of shoes can match perfectly with any pajamas. In this specific case, it is then preferable to take a slightly larger pair to leave room for the socks and avoid being too tight, in order to ensure optimal comfort.

Choosing the right size for your shoes is essential for your comfort. It is therefore important to take into account the chosen sole, whether wedge or flat, as well as the season, whether summer or winter. Your pair should be long enough so that your foot does not touch the tip, but not too long either, otherwise your foot will float in the shoe. In addition, it should not be too wide, but still enough to accommodate your foot.

It is therefore crucial to take into account different factors such as the model, the season, the shape of your foot, etc., in order to choose the ideal size for your espadrilles. And the logic is the same for children's espadrilles , so don't hesitate to try several sizes and models to find the pair that best suits your foot.