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Shorts Pyjamas Femme

Shorts Pajamas Women

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  • Pajama shorts

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    Shorts with pockets, ultra soft for night or day! Pair your shorts with a pajama top and benefit from our duo offer: €99 instead of €120
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    Short tencel femme ciel Angarde packshot
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    Short pyjama femme citron face Angarde
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    Short pyjama femme marine profil Angarde
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    Short tencel femme latte Angarde packshot
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    Short tencel femme matcha Angarde packshot
    Short pyjama femme matcha close up Angarde
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    Short pyjama femme matcha face Angarde
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    Short pyjama femme latte face Angarde
    Short pyjama femme latte close up Angarde
    Short pyjama femme latte profil Angarde
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    Short tencel femme latte Angarde packshot
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Tencel and organic cotton pajamas

Tencel and organic cotton pajamas

Discover also our eco-designed and ultra-soft knit pajamas!

je découvre

Tencel and organic cotton pajamas

Tencel and organic cotton pajamas

Discover also our eco-designed and ultra-soft knit pajamas!

je découvre

You often ask us...

How Wear My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


Our shorts are designed to provide ultimate comfort during the night. More stylish than boxers yet less restrictive than long pants, they offer the perfect alternative for those who prefer shorter nightwear. Additionally, thanks to their Tencel fabric, they are soft and breathable, ensuring a pleasant sensation against the skin.

How to take Care for My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


To preserve the quality of your pyjama shorts, we recommend washing them in cold water, with a maximum temperature of 30°C. Avoid excessive spinning and do not tumble dry them; air drying is preferable to maintain their shape and color.

How to Choose My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


Our pyjama shorts are unisex, with a wide cut. They fit true to size. Here are the size correspondences: XS = 34-36 / S = 36-38 / M = 38-40 / L = 40-42 / XL = 42-44.

What Does the Tencel Fabric Feel Like to the Touch?


The Tencel fabric is soft and soothing to the touch, and its Oxford weave makes it particularly durable. Enjoy exceptional comfort with our Angarde pyjama shorts, designed to offer you peaceful and enjoyable nights.

The women's Tencel pajama shorts.

Some women prefer a cozy and warm ensemble to sleep in, while others prefer to wear something a bit lighter, especially on the bottom. That's why we've come up with a short pajama bottom: the pocketed pajama shorts, super practical! Far from lingerie, it's super comfortable, without lace or frills but still elegant.

The Genesis of the Homewear Collection 


In 2023, Angarde launched its brand new collection dedicated to indoor wear.. The first exclusive items in this range are the women's cotton pyjamas and the women's striped pyjama shorts. Our long set consists of a long-sleeved pyjama top with a V-neck and buttons, paired with Tencel and organic cotton jersey pants. For a shorter alternative, we've also included women's pyjama shorts. 


Continuing our commitment to eco-responsibility, through this new collection of indoor and nightwear, we prioritize soft, durable, and natural materials. Just like our shoes, we've chosen unisex shorts. Gone are the lace, silk, satin fabric, or prints... For this model, we've opted for a loose and ultra-comfortable fit, with an elastic waistband to accommodate all sizes and body types, with stripes and vibrant colors. Unlike the full-length Tencel and organic cotton jersey pyjamas, our shorts are crafted in Tencel Oxford for its soft, plant-based, and durable fibers.

The Ultra-Comfortable and Soft Women's Pyjama Shorts


Our women's pyjama shorts are designed to be worn both as pyjamas and as an indoor shorts and shirt ensemble for lounging at home. They are soft for the night thanks to their Tencel material and super comfortable and elegant for chilling during the day with their loose and long fit. Their elastic waistband doesn't feel tight around the belly at all, and their side pockets are ultra-convenient for daily use. 


Elegant and Chic Women's Pyjama Shorts 


As an alternative to satin or silk looks, our women's night shorts are an elegant and comfortable piece for strolling at home while maintaining a dressed-up style, notably thanks to the Angarde badge at the center of the waistband.


The Perfect Women's Pyjama Shorts for Summer


Tout comme notre pyjashort homme, Just like our men's pyjama shorts, our women's night shorts are designed to be worn as pyjamas for summer nights, in winter for a lighter bedtime outfit, and also for strolling in the summer sun outdoors.

For a much cozier and warmer alternative, more suitable for winter wear, we recommend our long jersey pants for women, a blend of Tencel and organic cotton, which is priced at €75 and is available in 3 colors: navy, latte, and khaki. It can be paired with our long-sleeved jersey top for women, made from a blend of Tencel and organic cotton, with a V-neck, and available for €65 in the same colors.


​​Pyjama Shorts with Pockets


One of the details that makes our pyjama shorts unique is the presence of side pockets. Barely visible due to their Italian opening, they add an extra touch compared to pyjama pants. They are of sufficient size and depth so that the satin-like fabric doesn't let your items slip. However, since they are flat and smooth, they won't bother you at night!


An Eco-Responsible Women's Pyjama Shorts


At Angarde, production is exclusively European. This new collection is a success story because our Oxford fabric is 100% Tencel from Somelos, a family-owned company in Portugal founded in 1958. Initially specializing in yarn production and later cotton fabrics, it has been vertically integrated since it incorporated Dyeing and Finishing activities in the 1970s. Always striving to do better, they mainly work with certified materials (GOTS, Lenzing, RWS for example) and are constantly exploring new, even more ecological materials, such as Tencel, pineapple fiber...


Tencel fibers are a viscose, certified by Lenzing, derived from wood cellulose that needs to be filtered and then dissolved in a non-toxic solvent. As this solvent is recovered to 99.77%, Tencel is produced in a nearly closed-loop circuit. The pine, eucalyptus, and bamboo forests used for Tencel production are specifically planted and certified sustainable. Moreover, these are species that do not require intensive irrigation. All these reasons make Tencel a first-choice environmentally friendly fiber.


Why Did We Choose Tencel and Organic Cotton Oxford?


ERegarding the material, the choice was quite evident: Tencel and organic cotton, because we wanted to offer you an environmentally friendly fabric. But also because we wanted a particularly soft and comfortable fabric, hypoallergenic and breathable..


As for Oxford, it's a type of fabric commonly used in clothing, especially for shirts. It is characterized by a soft and slightly granular texture and can be identified by its basket weave pattern (pattern of small squares) created by interlacing warp and weft threads, giving it a casual yet elegant style. It is one of the most durable weaves. It is also distinguished by the softness it brings to the finished fabric and its ease of maintenance. Thicker than poplin, it ensures that the pieces have an elegant look and a certain robustness, which was perfect for offering you the most beautiful and durable women's night shorts possible!


The incredible quality of these night shorts and their careful craftsmanship in Portugal justify the price of these women's pyjamas.  


 Choosing Tencel for Angarde's Women's Pyjama Shorts 


Beyond being eco-friendly, Tencel and organic cotton are two fibers with similar and complementary properties. Both are very soft, hypoallergenic, resistant, and breathable. Tencel is a natural viscose that is often compared to silk for its slightly shiny appearance and comfort, while cotton adds structure to the fabric. Knitted together, you find all these virtues in your pyjamas: a piece to wear day and night, ultra-comfortable and with a perfect drape for a pretty silhouette. Tencel is so fine that it is often used in lingerie to weave lace: it is appreciated for its softness, resistance, and satin-like effect, almost as soft as fleece.


How to Wear My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?  


Our women's pyjama shorts, or pyjama shorts, are available in several trendy colors: white with sky blue stripes, navy blue, dahlia pink, lemon yellow, matcha green, and finally latte beige. Bright colors to change from the classic black! They are easy to pair with a short-sleeved T-shirt, a plain or printed colored shirt, also consider our long-sleeved pyjama shirt for women and our women's socks. All our pyjamas are designed to be mixed and matched thanks to their matching colors. If you order our long-sleeved pyjama shirt with Angarde pyjama shorts, you will receive a €21 discount on the set, making the shorts €33 instead of €55. Discover this offer on our website. These items make responsible and quality Christmas gifts for women!


The price of our women's pyjama shorts is €55. Sizes range from XS to XL and are available on our e-shop and in our Angarde boutique at 80 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris. On our website, shipping is free for orders over €90. If you haven't made a purchase on our website or in-store yet, feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive a 10% promo code on your first order.