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Shorts Pyjamas Homme

Men's Pajamas Shorts

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  • Pajama shorts

    Shorts with pockets, ultra soft for night or day! Pair your shorts with a pajama top and benefit from our duo offer: €99 instead of €120
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    Short tencel homme latte Angarde packshot
    Short pyjama homme latte close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme latte face Angarde
    S M L XL
    Short pyjama homme latte profil Angarde
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    Short pyjama homme citron face Angarde
    Short pyjama homme citron close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme citron profil Angarde
    S M L XL
    Short tencel homme jaune Angarde packshot
    Lemon Quick buy
    Short tencel homme marine Angarde packshot 1Short tencel homme marine Angarde packshot
    Short pyjama homme marine close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme marine profil Angarde
    S M L XL
    Short pyjama homme marine face Angarde
    Navy Quick buy
    Short pyjama homme dahlia profil Angarde
    Short pyjama homme dahlia close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme dahlia face Angarde
    S M L XL
    Short pyjama homme dahlia packshot Angarde
    Dahlia Quick buy
    Short tencel homme matcha Angarde packshot
    Short pyjama homme matcha close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme matcha profil Angarde
    S M L XL
    Short pyjama homme matcha face Angarde
    Matcha Quick buy
    Short pyjama homme ciel face Angarde
    Short pyjama homme ciel close up Angarde
    Short pyjama homme ciel profil Angarde
    Short tencel homme ciel Angarde packshot

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Our duo offer

Our duo offer

Pair your Tencel pajama shorts with an organic cotton t-shirt and benefit from our duo offer: €79 instead of €94.


Our duo offer

Our duo offer

Pair your Tencel pajama shorts with an organic cotton t-shirt and benefit from our duo offer: €79 instead of €94.


You often ask us...

Why Wear My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


Our shorts are designed to provide ultimate comfort during the night. More stylish than boxers yet less restrictive than long pants, they offer the perfect alternative for those who prefer shorter nightwear. Additionally, thanks to their Tencel fabric, they are soft and breathable, ensuring a pleasant sensation against the skin.

How to Care for My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


To preserve the quality of your pyjama shorts, we recommend washing them in cold water, with a maximum temperature of 30°C. Avoid excessive spinning and do not tumble dry them; air drying is preferable to maintain their shape and color.

How to Choose My Angarde Pyjama Shorts?


Our pyjama shorts are unisex and feature a loose fit. They run true to size, making it easy to select your usual size.

What Does the Tencel Fabric Feel Like to the Touch?


The Tencel fabric is soft and soothing to the touch, and its Oxford weave makes it particularly durable. Enjoy exceptional comfort with our Angarde pyjama shorts, designed to offer you peaceful and enjoyable nights.

Pajamas Shorts for men

Some men prefer to sleep in shorts or boxers, so we've chosen to create an alternative to long men's pyjamas that's both stylish and comfortable: the pyjama shorts. Super comfortable, they're perfect for wearing at night to sleep or during the day for chilling, with hands in the pockets.

Why Create a Homewear Collection?

At Angarde, we create a universe where craftsmanship and elegance blend harmoniously with the intimacy and comfort of home. Traditionally focused on slippers and espadrilles, we expanded our offerings in 2023 by introducing, for the first time, a collection of clothing dedicated to indoor wear. Far from being limited to the nocturnal universe, this clothing collection embodies comfort and refinement, suitable for different moments of the day.

It all started with you when we asked a simple question: what should Angarde's next step be according to you? The response was unanimous: homewear, or in French, "indoor clothing." We were captivated by this idea and immediately delved into it, highlighting the central piece of the collection: the pyjamas. Today, two types of men's pyjamas have been launched: the men's cotton pyjamas and the men's pyjama shorts. Our long pyjamas consist of a long-sleeved henley top with Tencel and organic cotton pants. To cater to diverse preferences, we also included men's pyjama shorts, recognizing that some prefer short pyjamas regardless of the season.

With this new range, we continue to prioritize noble, sustainable, and natural materials, creating an elegant yet relaxed style for everyday home wear. Opting for loose and comfortable cuts, we've chosen unisex pyjamas. Unlike the full-length Tencel and organic cotton pyjamas, our shorts are crafted in Tencel Oxford due to its soft, plant-based, and durable properties. 

Why Wear My Men's Pyjama Shorts?

We sought to transcend the traditional conception of men's pyjama shorts, considering them not just as simple nightwear but also as indoor shorts, equally comfortable and elegant. Knowing that not everyone enjoys sleeping in long pants, we felt it necessary to create an alternative that combines comfort, softness, and elegance. Similar to our elegant and ultra-comfortable men's slippers, designed for both lounging at home and entertaining friends in the evening, it was important to us that these men's pyjama shorts could be worn for sleeping as well as for breakfast with friends.

To achieve this, we drew inspiration from sports shorts, particularly boxing shorts, adding the Angarde badge to the center of the waistband. Additionally, the choice of brightly colored striped fabric aims to evoke the spirit of homewear, bringing a touch of style and cheerfulness to this piece. Our goal is to offer you men's night shorts that go beyond their primary function, combining the comfort of nightwear with the elegance of indoor attire, at an accessible price, and available in various colors.

What Does the Tencel Fabric Feel Like ?

Tencel fibers, certified by Lenzing in our case, are derived from wood cellulose dissolved in a non-toxic solvent. This solvent is recovered to the extent of 99.77%, ensuring Tencel production in a virtually closed loop. The pine, eucalyptus, and bamboo forests used for Tencel production are specifically planted and certified sustainable, with species that do not require intensive irrigation. All these aspects give Tencel material a low environmental impact, making it environmentally friendly.

As for the choice of Oxford fabric, it was a natural one. Firstly, we wanted to offer you Tencel due to its environmental qualities and comfort, including its softness, hypoallergenic properties, and breathability. Then, we opted for Oxford due to its numerous advantages: originally used for shirts, it's one of the most durable weaves. It's distinguished by the softness it imparts to the final fabric and its ease of maintenance. Thicker than poplin, Oxford ensures pieces have lasting elegance and a certain robustness, making it ideal for creating the most aesthetic and durable shorts possible for you.

How to Choose My Men's Pyjama Shorts ?

To break away from black, we've chosen six cheerful colors that appeal to all tastes: latte, sky, lemon, dahlia, navy, and matcha. The women's pyjama shorts, which are the model available for women, feature these same colors. Our men's short pyjamas are true to size. Therefore, we advise you to take your usual size. A size chart is provided on all product pages of our men's shorts. The price of our men's pyjama shorts is €55 including VAT. They are available on our website and in our boutique at 80 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris, from size S to XL. On our e-shop, free shipping is offered for orders over €90.

If any uncertainties remain regarding our sizes or if questions arise about our models, feel free to visit our contact page. We'll be delighted to provide you with the necessary answers!

A Perfect Men's Short Pyjama for Summer?  ?

Our men's pyjama shorts, made in Portugal, can be worn both in summer with one of our pairs of men's espadrilles and in winter. Soft and resistant at the same time, their Oxford material allows them to be hypoallergenic and, above all, breathable. Their elegant and chic style allows us to wear them outside the house for a walk in the summer sun. Their side pockets make them practical for everyday wear. For a much warmer alternative, more suitable for winter wear, we recommend our long jersey pants, a blend of Tencel and organic cotton, which is priced at €75. It can be paired with our long-sleeved jersey top for men, made from Tencel and organic cotton blend, with a henley collar, available for €65.

How to take Care of My Men's Pyjama Shorts?

As with the care of all garments, it is strongly recommended not to wash your men's pyjama shorts at excessive temperatures. Therefore, we advise washing them at a maximum temperature of 30°C. To preserve the quality of the fibers, we recommend avoiding excessive spinning and not using the tumble dryer, as these processes tend to damage the fibers. It is preferable to let your night pyjamas air dry to maintain their durability and quality.

What's the 1% for the Planet Initiative ?


Every year, we allocate 1% of our turnover to the Ocean Initiatives organized by Surfrider Foundation Europe. These initiatives are designed to raise awareness about issues related to aquatic waste by conducting waste collections on beaches, lakes, rivers, and seabeds.


Why Did We Choose Surfrider Foundation Europe?


Founded in 1990, Surfrider Foundation Europe has integrated citizen mobilization in favor of ocean and coastal protection into its values. It is worrying to note that 80% of marine waste has an urban origin. Every minute, the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans. At this rate, it is expected that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.