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The espadrille in town

In recent years, the espadrille has become popular, becoming an essential shoe during the summer, allowing city dwellers to adopt a chic-casual look while remaining comfortable and stylish. Espadrilles, of rather popular origin, often considered as beach shoes, have managed to find their place in the heart of the Parisian streets by replacing classic sandals. The democratization of the espadrille in the city is a fashion that is spreading more and more, offering city dwellers a wide choice of distinguished, comfortable and all-purpose shoes to perfect their look.

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The espadrille: its evolution in urban fashion

The history of the espadrille goes back a long way: originally it was worn by peasants who worked in the fields of southwest France or Catalonia because of their resistance, comfort and their cheap price. . Since the 1960s, espadrilles began to evolve in urban fashion and to be considered trendy models for the city, joining the prestige of city shoes like boots, sneakers, heeled sandals and even ankle boots.

Brands began to offer more sophisticated and differentiated versions with wedge heels for women, laces, higher quality materials and more elaborate designs for men. Espadrilles are now essential summer shoes, whether for a weekend stroll or a trip to the seaside in France.

beige men's espadrilles for the city

We find these trendy shoes on the feet of many celebrities in the streets such as emblematic personalities of the time such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali or more recently Alessandra Ambrosio, Kristen Stewart or Gigi Hadid.

Choosing the right pair of espadrilles in town

Espadrilles are casual, comfortable shoes that are perfect for city life. They are made from natural materials such as cotton or leather which hug the foot comfortably, especially in hot weather, one of the reasons why these shoes are very popular in summer.

They can be chosen from different shapes:

  • Slip-on flats
  • Flat with lace
  • Wedges
  • A heel

Ladies, on this point, it all depends on the comfort you are looking for: if you want to be elegant, it is better to choose a chic women's espadrille or wedge models (platform), with a rope heel or flat but with lace. If you are looking for a classic and timeless model, easy to put on, it is better to go for a flat version without laces.

Gentlemen, pay attention to the insole of the espadrilles you choose. Classic cotton canvas espadrilles often have a jute braid insole that tends to heat up when you walk around town for a long time. Please therefore choose a model that has a good insole (called insole) which is soft and absorbent.

espadrilles with durable soles

At Angarde, unlike other traditional espadrilles brands, we offer you an innovative outsole, made from transparent rubber and a fine jute braid all around. The soles of Adidas sneakers are therefore also durable and comfortable for walking in the city. In addition, the insole is made of recycled latex and anti-odor microfiber like that found in classic sneakers. There is therefore no risk that your foot will heat up and that your feet will smell bad after a few hours of walking.

These classic shoes on our feet from spring are an alternative to sneakers, offering a more sophisticated aesthetic while remaining comfortable to wear. Whether you're strolling the bustling streets of Paris in pants or strolling along the beautiful avenues of Lisbon in shorts, espadrilles will complete your city look with style and comfort. Compared to sandals or moccasins, espadrilles offer better support for the feet thanks.

In addition to classic models, there are other types of espadrilles: mules.

This shoe is coming back into fashion this spring as an alternative to canvas sneakers. This open-back pair of shoes, similar to slides, has become very popular in recent years. Mule espadrilles will go perfectly with your chino pants, jeans, or Bermuda shorts, gentlemen, as well as with your dresses, skirts or jumpsuits, ladies, for a chic and urban look.

mules for men and women angarde

The uppers of the espadrilles are made of different materials such as cotton, linen, suede, leather, etc. But which one is best suited to the city? We recommend opting for canvas espadrilles. These are easy to clean, which is essential for keeping your shoes in good condition against dust and the possible stains of city life. Additionally, canvas is a durable and lightweight material that makes your sneakers comfortable and breathable. They are available in a wide range of prices, depending on your budget.

However, although these shoes are popular for their comfort, choosing the right size is not that simple. You have to take into account different characteristics of the shoes and your feet. Espadrilles tend to stretch slightly over time, especially if they are made of canvas. Therefore, it is generally advisable to take a size slightly smaller than your usual size.

If you decide to go on a trip to a big city like Barcelona in the summer, espadrilles are the essential accessory. These shoes take up little space in suitcases and can be adapted to all occasions . During your excursion, your feet will not hurt even when walking long distances like in sneakers. Another advantage is the versatility of the shoe, in fact it is also perfect for the beach, so why not a quick trip to the sea to relax after a day of walking in the city. No more need to clutter your suitcase with moccasins, leather boots or even sneakers! Some models of espadrilles can even replace your slippers.

How to wear your espadrilles for casual chic looks?

You will understand: these canvas and rope sole shoes are not only on our feet on the beaches. Indeed, espadrilles can easily be integrated into any outfit, making them a true wardrobe essential for a casual-chic result.

We can see men adopting them with a two or three piece suit, or with a shirt and pants to bring a touch of simplicity to formal city outfits. The dressy men's espadrille is minimalist which can easily relax a dressy men's outfit.

men's navy cotton espadrilles

Conversely for women, in a wedge or heel version, it can easily dress up a dress or skirt. With a light dress, the women's espadrille gives a chic bohemian look. With a long, flowing skirt, you get a more romantic look. With a sophisticated top or long-sleeved shirt, simple skinny jeans and a refined belt, your espadrilles bring a casual side to your outfit.

woman linen espadrille street

The espadrille is therefore an excellent choice for occasions where you want to be comfortable and elegant without necessarily going overboard.

If you're looking for a more cheerful look, wear your pair with wide-leg jeans and a blazer. Don't hesitate to accessorize each look with a handbag or simple jewelry like pearls to add a touch of sophistication.

woman city white espadrille

We can see women turning more towards the wedge espadrille, which has been a trend for several years now: heels allow you to have more height and therefore more style. However, favor neutral tones like beige or black when the pair of espadrille is combined with a colored dress or a playsuit, to avoid going overboard.

At Angarde, our espadrilles are made from recycled cotton or recycled linen for the upper part (the vamp). Our designs come in a wide variety of colors, making them easy to match with any look, not to mention they are durable, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

For a chic style, we will tend to adopt a pair of espadrilles in neutral colors such as beige, black or white. However, opting for a brighter color can also match the chic of the outfit while adding a touch of fun. You can also opt for the gold espadrille, or in laminated lurex, to also give a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfits, while remaining ultra comfortable.

women's pink glitter espadrilles

Discover our collections of espadrilles available in different sizes, from size 24 (for children) to size 46 (for men). We offer espadrilles for men and women, free delivery included. Our espadrilles shoes are made of quality cotton canvas, respecting the origin of traditional espadrilles from the Basque Country. You can find our collections in stock available on our site or in store at reasonable prices:

  • Colorama collection : This new collection revisits espadrilles in varied colors, adding a touch of freshness to your city outfits.
  • Timeless collection : You will find our elegant espadrilles, with glittery details for the women's models, and iconic colors for the men's models.
  • Exclusive collection : These espadrilles are made from recycled linen and are available in different colors, from classic beige to a trendy khaki.
  • Our collaborations : if you are looking for more original and avant-garde espadrilles, we have collaborated with artists and brands to create unique models in all sizes.
    angarde colorful espadrilles

    How are espadrilles designed?

    The manufacture of espadrilles is an artisanal process that highlights the traditional know-how of France. These classic shoes are often handmade, which adds to their authenticity. The manufacturing of products like espadrilles includes several stages. First of all, we start by cutting the canvas fabric into the shape of the upper part of the shoe. Namely, the most used fabric is cotton canvas. Then, the artisans assemble the different parts using specific sewing techniques. The upper part is attached to the sole using a stitch. Once the stitching is complete, the rubber or woven jute sole is glued to the bottom of the shoe. Finally, the espadrilles are packaged and ready for delivery.

    At Angarde, all our materials come from Spain and production is entrusted to a Spanish family workshop: the outer sole of our espadrille is made of rubber, like that of sneakers: a jute braid is placed in a cast iron mold and rubber at high temperature is melted between the previously sewn canvas liner and the jute braid, to form the outer sole. No glue is used, and the espadrille is even more resistant!

    The espadrille, a summer must-have in the city

    The espadrille has become more popular over time and has become an emblem on the streets of the capital from spring. No longer necessary to wait for the holidays to wear your espadrilles, we can now see it on the feet of city dwellers for casual-chic, even luxurious looks. As a bonus, the espadrille marks the return of the sun and brings a holiday feel to all your outfits.

    angarde unisex espadrilles

    If you know the brand, you know that Angarde is a brand totally invested in the research and development of eco-sourced and sustainable materials . Our brand has chosen to position itself as an actor of ethical and eco-conscious fashion. This is why our espadrilles are designed with the best know-how and with a maximum of quality natural and recycled materials. Our products and collections are environmentally friendly, made in our workshop located in the south of Spain from recycled cotton and linen, bamboo, rubber and jute braid for the rope. In addition, we have set up a 100% free recycling program, allowing you to send us your old pairs of shoes so that we can transform them into clean fuel: you will receive in exchange a promo code of -15% on your next order in addition to doing a good deed for the planet.

    Now that you know how to easily match your espadrilles to any piece in your closet, don't hesitate to create refined or extravagant looks using these trendy shoes. Among the many brands on the market, Angarde offers you a large number of high quality espadrilles in different materials, color shapes, whether it is a classic beige or red, or a more daring and lively khaki. If you are looking for espadrilles for your different chic looks while remaining comfortable, you now know where to find them.