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How to wear women's espadrilles?

Women's espadrilles prove to be an ideal accessory for many trendy styles, whether you are looking to create a glamorous, chic or casual look. Heeled or flat, in canvas or leather, colored or patterned, a large number of choices are available to you to be fashionable in espadrilles.

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What types of espadrilles for an evening?

For an evening, heeled espadrilles are an ideal choice to combine style and comfort. They come in a variety of designs, from ribbon versions to strapped versions to colorful options. Your pair will bring a casual touch to more sophisticated outfits and will perfectly replace your pair of open sandals.

Ladies, you can pair your heeled espadrilles with a long dress or a flowing skirt to create a look that is both chic and summery. If you want to adopt a more formal outfit for an evening on the town, espadrilles go perfectly with a suit or suit pants accompanied by a refined top. Why not even add a belt that you match with the color of your espadrilles?

Opt for satin outfits, trendy since last year, the espadrille will add a touch of lightness while breaking up the very chic side of this material.

If you prefer espadrilles with flat soles, no problem! They also go perfectly with this type of outfit. Indeed, you can wear an outfit in a neutral and sophisticated color, and add a pair of women's espadrilles with sequins or gold to add a touch of sparkle.

To complete your outfits, add jewelry such as a pearl necklace or other delicate jewelry to accentuate the chic side of your look.

In short, whether you choose espadrilles with heels or flat soles, these lightweight shoes can easily be integrated into your evening outfits. They provide comfort and style, while maintaining an elegant look that is perfect for festive occasions.

How to wear espadrilles for a summer look?

Espadrilles can be worn with everything, whether it's a simple dress, overalls, jeans or just shorts. The possibilities for a summer look with espadrilles are endless.

For women, the classic option for summer is to wear a long button-down dress with a pair of espadrilles. Add a tote bag and you have the iconic Mediterranean look!

You can also wear a flowing skirt on sunny days for a more feminine look, but be careful not to choose a top that is too short so as not to fall into vulgarity.

If you want a more urban outfit, you can choose white chino pants, a linen top and city espadrilles . Chino pants will add a dressy touch without going overboard, while linen offers a light, fresh feel on hot days.

Likewise, the linen set, very trendy this spring, can be worn with heeled espadrilles to break up the pajama side of the material and add sophistication. The combination of linen and woven hemp of the espadrilles gives a natural and summery look to your outfits.

Colors are in the spotlight this summer, so it's best to opt for espadrilles in bright shades. At Angarde, you can find our new Colorama collection, offering a large number of pairs in different colors which will add a discreet little touch of color. Why not try purple or burgundy this summer?

How to bring a casual side to your espadrilles at work?

The answer: espadrilles! These pleasant shoes will give a casual look while remaining professional. Opt for models that are well designed and made with quality materials. Leather or canvas espadrilles will give a more refined touch to your work outfit.

You can choose to wear straight jeans with a blazer jacket or a button-down shirt. However, to be more formal, adopt a pair of neutral espadrilles, that is to say in a color such as black, beige or white.

If you are unsure about which size to choose, we recommend our article which will help you choose your size so as not to make a mistake .

How to wear espadrille to the beach?

We all know that espadrille is a beach essential, but how can we avoid falling into déjà vu?

First of all, choose quality espadrilles to avoid the destroyed side of the shoe. At Angarde, our espadrilles are durable , with a rubber sole as comfortable as sneakers, recyclable for the good of our planet, and water resistant.

A word of advice: avoid heeled espadrilles so as not to end up barefoot on the hot sand. Choose espadrilles with wedge soles which will give you a little height and prevent grains of sand from sneaking into your shoe.

At the beach, the espadrille goes just as well with fabric shorts as with a long flowing dress. You can pair your pair with a pretty short jumpsuit to keep a sophisticated look when you're strolling on the beach.

In addition, you can choose a colorful pair that will bring a reminder of color to your swimsuit! Tropical patterns or nautical stripes can also add a summer touch.

All that's left to do is accessorize your outfit with a straw hat and trendy sunglasses.

Ladies, if you are afraid of getting your espadrilles dirty at the beach, read our article dedicated to how to clean your espadrilles?

And why not adopt espadrilles for a date?

And yes, espadrilles also go very well with a romantic look. Opt for a light summer dress or skirt in pastel or neutral tones and pair it with flat or heeled espadrilles.

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If you prefer a more modern outfit, opt for a stylish jumpsuit. Choose a classic color like black or navy and wear it with matching espadrilles. Top it off with jewelry and a handbag in the same color as your outfit, and you're ready for your date!

Women's espadrilles are the must-have summer shoes, suitable for both the beach and a wedding. They can be adapted to all occasions . They can be found on feet in different models, such as mules or wedge espadrilles. This fashionable shoe goes perfectly with each of your outfits when you go out. All you have to do is choose your pair according to your tastes!

At Angarde you will find all our women's espadrilles in different colors, ranging from the simplest pair to the most extravagant, as well as different models offering extreme comfort and supreme quality.