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How to wear men's espadrilles?

Originating from the Basque Country, espadrilles are lightweight canvas shoes with a woven rope sole, offering both comfort and fashionable style. Trendy among men, espadrilles can be worn in all styles. Whether you're looking for a casual look for vacation, an elegant outfit for the city, or even a bohemian style, espadrilles will complete all your looks.

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How to wear your espadrilles for a casual look on vacation?

In the heat of the sun, we tend to wear light and comfortable shoes. Men's espadrilles are then an excellent choice to complete your casual holiday outfit. The espadrille is ideal for all occasions !

For a more beachy look, opt for a shirt plus shorts or Bermuda shorts combo in denim or chinos. Your pair will go perfectly with this look.

men's beach espadrille

Dressier than a pair of flip-flops, your espadrilles will give you a casual style while maintaining a chic air, providing an ideal balance for relaxing moments on vacation. Remember to choose quality espadrilles and make sure they are suitable for beach conditions.

Whether for a walk by the sea, an icy break after swimming or a casual outing on vacation, your espadrilles will bring a note of comfort, style and sophistication to your summer outfit.

Espadrilles, perfect for a chic-casual look in the city

Gentlemen, for a classic city look, wear your city espadrilles with casual chinos or jeans, and a linen shirt that you can let out of the pants. Choose simple, neutral colors to stay traditional and add a touch of elegance.

men's white blue espadrille

For a more dressy and chic outfit, pair your shoes with summery fabric pants with a hem and pleating at the waist. Add a matching polo shirt, and you're ready for a sophisticated, modern look. Two colors that go well together are gray and white, which are a safe bet, or if you want a more summery touch, lean towards a light blue and white.

If you want to go even more chic, choose beige pants and a loose casual white shirt to keep that urban look while still being refined. For a man, wearing a chic backpack or a large leather bag worn over the shoulder as an accessory will add a touch of style while being practical.

If you are worried about getting your shoes dirty in the city, you can read our article how to clean your espadrilles?

How to be chic with espadrilles?

And no, loafers are not the only shoes that go with a formal outfit for a man, espadrilles are also a perfect accessory for this kind of look. From the suit to the shirt, including the tie, your pair will fit ideally into a chic look.

They can add a touch of casualness while maintaining a certain sophistication. It makes more sense to wear a simple, versatile pair like black or beige.

black espadrilles with rubber sole

Businessmen, don't hesitate to wear the espadrille with a two-piece suit which will give you a less formal and more relaxed look. Opt for well-designed espadrilles made with quality materials. This not only ensures optimal comfort, but also durability that will allow them to maintain their chic appearance throughout the dressy event.

To find out everything about sustainable espadrille, find our article on eco-responsible espadrille .

Espadrilles for a sportswear look?

The espadrille is an accessory that suits everything for a man. It works very well in a sportswear look to create a casual and trendy style. Opt for dark-colored, tapered jogging pants and a t-shirt.

To complete your outfit, add a cap, a watch and a backpack. On the other hand, it is not recommended to practice your sport with them, as there is a risk of injury, since espadrilles are not designed to be worn during intense sporting activities.

Espadrilles with chinos, a classic!

A timeless style, we might say, for an elegant and relaxed look. Your espadrille will go well with your chinos of all colors, whether white, beige, khaki or any other shade.

Choose chinos in a sober color if your espadrilles are colorful/patterned, or espadrilles in neutral tones if the rest of your outfit is already well colored. Hem the bottom of your pants to show off your men's espadrilles more.

timeless men's espadrilles

Don’t hesitate to wear a braided belt as a subtle reminder of the shoes!

The espadrille to adopt a rock'n roll style

As surprising as it may be, your Basque shoe goes well with outfits for a daring rock'n roll style.

A tank top, black or faded slim or skinny jeans, accessorize everything with a straw hat, this is the masculine rock style in summer. If the wind is cool, you can top it off with a leather jacket.

To accentuate the rock style, add a scarf, large rings, leather bracelets or necklaces with pendants.

To be even more on theme, choose espadrilles that incorporate printed patterns or textures.

How to wear espadrilles for bohemian style?

The bohemian style is a classic espadrille, popularized by the hippie movement.

For men, this pair of shoes goes well with loose linen pants in natural tones such as beige, off-white or light gray. Pair them with a short-sleeved shirt in light, flowing fabric with floral prints, casual stripes or ethnic patterns. The finishing touch: add a thin knit or crochet cardigan.

Jewelry is an essential element of bohemian style. Opt for beaded bracelets, macramé necklaces or dangling earrings.

Your pair will find its perfect place at the heart of your boho chic looks!

Men's espadrilles are a stylish and casual alternative to other shoes, they adapt brilliantly to different occasions while remaining at the forefront of fashion. Their lightness, comfort and timeless aesthetic make them a popular choice for men looking for a balance between "being fashionable" and "relaxed." Whether paired with chinos, sweatpants, or denim jeans, espadrilles bring a touch of casual sophistication to every outfit.

At Angarde you will find our models of men's canvas espadrilles made from natural cotton, in a variety of colors and patterns, with a strong and comfortable rubber sole, similar to that of a sneaker. There is something for all tastes and styles!