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What is the best material for pajamas?

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There are no pieces more comfortable than our pajamas! Dedicated to the privacy of home, there is nothing more pleasant than slipping into warm and soft pajamas when you come home from a long day! But when it comes to choosing the right pajamas, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate all the choices available. Especially since several criteria must be taken into account such as seasonality, style, or even price, whether for indoor clothing for men, women, or even babies. Here is a quick summary of the different materials available and how to make your choice…

How to choose your pajamas according to the season?

Ultimately, whether you prefer to sleep in a wetsuit, nightgown, shorts or simply naked, the risk is always of being either too hot or too cold. To avoid this, we advise you to always favor breathable fibers; for this, natural fibers are particularly suitable. Indeed, whether it is linen, cotton or wool, natural materials have breathable properties.

Which pajamas fabric to choose to stay warm in winter?

Among the warmest and softest fabrics are pilou pilou, fleece, flannel or cuddly fabrics. Merino wool can also be an excellent alternative, although generally quite expensive, it has the advantage of being hypoallergenic, eco-responsible and thermoregulating! It is therefore perfect for winter as well as for mid-season!

If you are not a fan of very warm pajamas but want to be covered, we advise you to use fibers such as cotton or tencel! These can be woven in the form of poplin, jersey or oxford. These three fabrics make them both soft and comfortable, so ideal for pants and a t-shirt or pajama shirt!

How to choose a pajamas fabric to stay cool in summer?

For summer, we recommend natural materials such as cotton or modal. We highly recommend linen pieces, as this fiber is both thermoregulatory and absorbent, your skin will sweat less. We also recommend short models such as pajama shorts for men or women.

For summer, we advise you to avoid fabrics such as satin or silk. Although they look particularly light and airy and feel rather cold, these fabrics are generally not very breathable. This is also the case for transformed fibers such as polyester or polyamides. Generally woven using the same methods as natural materials, they are nevertheless not very breathable and tend to retain odors.

How to choose the fabric of pajamas based on style?

Depending on the context, not all pajamas have the same function. For example, we don't use the same pajamas for teleworking, seduction or simply for chilling out at home. Depending on the occasion, the fabric will also vary.

How to choose a comfortable fabric?

Pleasant pajamas are generally made of a soft and elastic enough fabric to accompany all your movements during the night. For this, we advise you to choose natural fibers woven into jersey. To give you an idea of ​​how it feels, jersey is the weaving technique used for most T-shirts. These materials are generally considered a casual look, but they can also be very trendy, especially combined with everyday fabrics like velvet.

How to find a beautiful fabric for elegant pajamas?

Satin and silk are undoubtedly noble fibers which are associated with elegance. These are very beautiful and very fine fabrics; they are often used for lingerie or pajamas with a rather sexy or elegant purpose. Satin and silk are historically linked to the history of pajamas, a traditional outfit from India. These fabrics are often used in cinema for iconic roles combining class and seduction, such as Audrey Hepburn's dressing gown in "Charade".

What material should I use for teleworking pajamas?

For teleworking pajamas, we recommend a fabric that has staying power and is not too similar to the world of sleep. For example, flannel or pilou pilou are generally associated with the very cozy world of nighttime, while modal, Oxford, or even poplin are closer to the fabrics used to make shirts and are more elegant. The ideal for teleworking is a mixture of comfort and elegance in order to be able to ensure videoconferencing! Our women's pajama top in cotton and tencel looks like a more comfortable daytime blouse, for example.

How to choose pajamas with a nice material at a reasonable price?

It is always difficult to know how much of the price is given to the material when buying pajamas. However, here is our advice: choose natural fibers, because in addition to the countless virtues they can have, such as being hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, or even antibacterial, they are also more resistant. Classy pajamas for both men and women have above all a beautiful material and beautiful finishes.

Fibers made from plastics are generally less resistant because the plastic fiber deteriorates each time it goes through the machine. They are also less profitable in the long term because of this. Buying pajamas is a one-time thing, so it is reasonable to invest in quality pajamas. Finally, it is not guaranteed that the price of pajamas will be lower because they contain plastic fibers.

In short ?

Whether you are looking for pajamas for men or women, we advise you first to choose a cut that suits the shape of your body, a fabric that is soft on your skin and preferably that suits the season. Whether it's pajama shorts for women or a set for men, what matters is that you're comfortable! Natural fibers have undeniable advantages over reconstituted or plastic fibers. If you can favor them, it will be a strategic choice rather than an ecological choice, especially if they are organic.

At Angarde, we offer you a range of pajamas models in Tencel and cotton, made to have a soft and comfortable feel. This fabric is both soft and light, keeping the heat of the skin, it adapts to your body temperature whether your nights are in summer or winter. This model is available for both men and women, and is composed of lounge pants and a long-sleeved top. The waist of the garment is slightly marked by a soft elastic in order to be comfortable when worn.