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Which set of pajamas to choose for women?

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Even when choosing a piece dedicated to our comfort, like pajamas, it is sometimes complex to know both what we want and what we need. So, which pajamas set to choose for a woman? Today, creating pajamas requires a lot of thought, a woman ticks so many different boxes that it is sometimes difficult to create pieces that correspond to all these roles: mother, professional, committed, elegant, or even liberated, chilly or not, the need for comfort or to please, or simply single on the sofa... You would practically need pajamas for every day of the week!

We've narrowed down the list of all the questions you're asking yourself to three criteria: comfort, style and usability.

Little History of Pajamas:

In the history of fashion, there were only two types of pajamas for women until the beginning of the twentieth century: nightgowns, in cotton or flannel, long and shapeless, and lingerie of finesse, satin and lace. ... Suffice to say that the range of choices was very limited, and not necessarily suitable for all uses... In the 1920s, Coco Chanel democratized pajamas, a traditional Indian outfit which is renowned for its comfort! Until then only reserved for men, it then became an icon of the relaxed woman, in pants, but always terribly elegant! About a century later, during the pandemic, we all started working from home, and that's the revelation: it's possible to be professional in your pajamas! From then on, homewear takes an increasing place in our wardrobe: between jogging pants and sweatshirts to stay at home and lingerie to feel beautiful and confident.

What are comfortable pajamas?

Choosing the right material for your pajamas:

The material has a real impact on the comfort of pajamas; you must take into account its elasticity, its seasonality, its feel and even the quality of the fabric.

For example, if you are looking for pajamas that are very warm: fleeces, fleeces or even flannels are always known for being very soft, very cocooning and above all very warm fabrics... These fabrics are perfect for being at home when it is are cold, but tend to keep you too hot during the night and cause you to sweat.

Fabrics such as silk or satin tend to be much lighter and more elegant: they are often used for lingerie or dressier pajamas. The problem is that they are generally not very elastic and therefore tend to be more uncomfortable to sleep on. These fabrics are not very warm to the touch.

Fabrics such as cotton, Tencel or modal are known to offer the best alternative. Both flexible and very soft, they are elegant and adapt to body temperature. We generally advise you to favor natural materials over their plastic alternatives because in addition to being eco-responsible, they are also more breathable.

What cut should you choose for women's pajamas in winter?

The first question to ask yourself is: what outfit do you prefer to sleep in? Are long options like pajama pants and long-sleeved T-shirts right for you? Do you tend to cover yourself for fear of being cold only to end up being too hot? Do you simply prefer nightgowns?

For the pajama top, we advise you to choose long sleeves in winter, simply because it is more pleasant and you can always swap it for a short option when going to sleep. For a pajama top to be both elegant, we advise you to look for work on the collar, for example a V-neck or a button-up.

For pajama bottoms, the idea is always that you are as comfortable as possible, whether it is a loose, wide or regular cut, we recommend that you avoid tight clothing. In fact, they tend to wear out more quickly, create discomfort and become deformed. A soft elastic at the waist is essential to avoid stomach aches.

In short, choose pajamas in which you feel comfortable! If you don't like sleeping in pants, short pajamas or nightgowns are excellent alternatives!

How do I find the right style for my women's pajamas?

The big question of colors and prints:

First of all, we know that from an aesthetic point of view, colors and prints play a major role. While patterns tend to give a childish tone, this is not the case for all patterns either: checks and stripes can be very dressy. While it's good to go back to childhood with a cloud or Christmas print from time to time, it's always good to have a more sober alternative on hand.

For sober and elegant pajamas, we advise you to opt for a plain color, with worked pieces. For example, pajama shirts or blouses are usually very stylish because the button and collar work gives structure to the pajamas. Likewise, a buttonhole on the cuffs can reinforce this dressy side, just as lace always reinforces the sexy side.

Cut and look: how to choose?

Once again, the cut of a garment greatly influences its overall appearance. If you opt for a crop top and jogging pants, your pajamas will definitely be casual and trendy, but not necessarily suitable for teleworking in winter. In the same way, a nightie will give you a sexy look, not necessarily suitable for taking care of children or doing a video conference...

The outfit that seems most practical for all these activities is a set of plain and elegant women's pajamas . For example, having a plain pajama top with a tailored cut like a cardigan can be elegant, sexy and practical at the same time. At the bottom, plain straight indoor pants without being wide allow you to be comfortable in pajamas without automatically being assimilated to the world of nighttime or childhood.

Homewear concerns all the clothes that you can wear at home to be comfortable while being dressed without being in pajamas or lingerie.

How do I find my pajamas set based on how I will use them?

Comfortable pajamas for sleeping

If they are pajamas primarily made for sleeping, we advise you to choose breathable and flexible materials for maximum softness.

Your pajamas should have a soft fit so that the seams or the shape of the pajamas do not interfere with your sleep. For the length of the sleeves and bottom, it's totally up to you to choose which cut you're most comfortable with.

Finally, we advise you to think of your pajamas in terms of mix and match, you can absolutely have a short set matched to a long set in colors and cut, in order to vary your options.

Pajamas for teleworking

If you are looking for clothing to wear when you are at home teleworking or simply to chill without it being your night pajamas, we recommend plain and elegant homewear pieces. This way, you can easily make a video conference or go buy your bread without having to change.

You must be comfortable in these pajamas, and they must not restrict your movements due to a lack of flexibility in the cut or material. This way, your look will be suitable for all the activities you want to do at home.

Pajamas to seduce

It's sometimes difficult to find pajamas that are both sexy and flirty without being completely uncomfortable. It is quite obvious that fine lingerie is generally not designed to be worn on a daily basis. We are quite convinced that attractive pajamas are, above all, pajamas that make you look good.

Choose colors that go well with your skin tone and a cut that highlights your body shape. Don't hesitate to adopt a subtle option without being blatant to wear every day and which is durable over time, so you will have a little ego boost every day!

Of course, if you like it, don't hesitate to indulge in lingerie, silks and lace!

In short ?

Choose pajamas that make you feel good, in which you are as comfortable in your body as in your mind! There's no reason you can't feel beautiful and confident when you're at home, your pajamas should match you in look and fit. Carefully choose the materials and the model so that it meets your criteria of comfort and beauty. If you don't know how to make your choice, opt for a sober and elegant option that will suit any occasion...