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Which set of pajamas to choose for men?

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Whether you're asking the question for yourself or for a loved one, buying pajamas is always a bit complex, but don't worry, we'll help you figure it out. First of all, buying pajamas is something completely different from buying outerwear: here it's not about dressing for any occasion but above all about being comfortable .

Pajamas are the part of the men's wardrobe dedicated to comfort, they belong to the privacy of the home. Whether you like to sleep in boxers, a jumpsuit, naked or in long pajamas, it's always smart to have elegant pajamas on hand, at home or when traveling.

Here are the three criteria that seemed essential to us when choosing men's pajamas: the softness of the material and the cut, the style (namely the color, the patterns or even the work of the collar) and finally the use (for sleeping or being comfortable at home). But let's start with a little bit of history.

History of pajamas

For several centuries, nightwear was simple, long, wide cotton shirts for both men and women. There were housecoats that were almost like dressing gowns. There were therefore few choices and alternatives between outfits representing social life and those of the home.

With colonization, the English discovered in India the traditional garment of pajamas, pants with a loose cut and incredible comfort. Adopted in complete sobriety in England, it crossed the Channel in the 1920s thanks to Coco Chanel, it then became an essential icon of comfort and elegance for both men and women.

A hundred years later, with the confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, pajamas became an everyday outfit for several weeks for many of us. And since then, while teleworking has become more and more common, this habit of wearing homewear has become ingrained in us.

How to choose comfortable men's pajamas?

Choosing the material of pajamas:

So, the very heart of pajamas is their comfort. Of course, it's first and foremost about the feel of the material, but it's also important to consider the seasonality and breathability of the fabrics.

If you are looking for a soft fabric, include flannels, pilou-pilou, fleeces or fleeces. These fabrics are also known for being very hot, which is not necessarily ideal for sleeping, because honestly between us there is nothing worse than waking up at night sweating...

If you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated fabric, we include satins and silks, for their shiny and very fine appearance. Generally sophisticated, they are not very flexible or warm.

Finally, there are the comfortable and light ones: this is the case of cotton, tencel and modal. They offer a soft and supple touch without being stuffy. As they are natural materials and therefore much more breathable than plastic materials such as polyester or plastic blends.

Choosing the cut of pajamas:

As for the cut, there is not a very wide choice of men's pajamas, we advise you to choose a soft elastic at the waist to avoid any feeling of discomfort.

Whether it's a pajama top, shirt, T-shirt or Henley, it's really just a matter of taste. Henley historically remains a top made for comfort, it was originally considered an underwear, a skin knit to wear under a shirt. It is often chosen in winter because it is more comfortable than a shirt and more stylish and warm than a simple T-shirt thanks to the collar work and its long sleeves.

What style should you choose for men's pajamas?

How to put together your pajamas?

From a style point of view, pajamas are pajamas, but the question is in what context to wear them, not all pajamas have to look like those of Nicolas and Pimprenelle in Good night, little ones. For example, do you want a printed pattern, checks, a plain fabric? You can also create your own combination which consists of a plain top and plaid or other pants. You can also opt for pajamas, simple pajama shorts or with a top.

The whole thing in the style of pajamas is the top. A button placket like on a Henley or shirt gives structure and elegance to the pajamas. The length of the sleeves is also an element to take into consideration, because depending on the model, a T-shirt can be very casual and streetwear with short sleeves, or more comfortable and warm with long sleeves.

What colors should I choose for men's pajamas?

Of course, colors play an important role, whether you choose a classic black, gray or navy or more subtle colors like khaki, beige or burgundy or even pink, the main element is the quality of the material... Indeed , if you want pajamas that last over time and whose cut does not lose its shape, it is essential to choose a quality fabric. We buy indoor clothes less often than outdoor clothes, which is why it seems wise to us to invest in pajamas at a slightly higher price but which you will keep for longer...

How to choose pajamas based on their use?

Find comfortable pajamas:

If you are looking above all to be comfortable, especially to sleep at night, we recommend pajamas that are not too hot or at least whose material will not make you sweat like cotton... For winter and depending on tastes, consider long options for the sleeves or the bottom, on the other hand, if you are not comfortable in this type of pajamas, shorts with an elastic waist, which do not tighten the stomach, can be a excellent alternative.

What pajamas to wear for teleworking?

If it's a loungewear item to wear primarily during your work-from-home days or when you have company over, the Henley is a good alternative. It has a worked collar which is not necessarily casual like a T-shirt or a classic pajama top... We also recommend a worked bottom with pockets and a fake fly instead of a simple drawstring, because this allows to structure the pants.

Choose pajamas that flatter you:

Finally, if the question is to be sexier or to please, we advise you to choose dark colors, generally assimilated to this universe… In addition, these colors better hide imperfections and highlight you better. There's no real equivalent to lingerie for men, but the right cut and color can be just as attractive. A tailored cut at the collar will give you fullness, whether for a T-shirt or a Henley. Trousers that are worked without being tight can also highlight the legs and refine the body shape. Prints and buttoned pajama shirts can be more assimilated to a childish world and therefore move away from the world of seduction.

Mix and match allows you to put together a set of men's pajamas where the options vary to meet these three uses. Your choice should not be favored for one of these uses at the cost of others, which is why choosing a pajamas set to match according to seasons and occasions is useful.

Our best tips for choosing men's pajamas:

Ultimately, the choice of men's pajamas is above all a matter of taste and comfort, ideally it matches the season. For winter, we recommend a combination that consists of elastic pants or shorts that do not squeeze the stomach, and a comfortable long-sleeved cotton sleep top. Vary your options by choosing colors and patterns to mix and match, and varying the combinations between shorts and pants.

How do you choose pajamas for someone else?

If it's a gift, think about how the person you're giving it to will use it... Do they want to be sexy, comfortable? Jumpsuits that consist of women's pajamas and men's pajamas are very popular during the holiday season... Make sure you know the size and color that will suit the pieces you offer!

Angarde pajamas

We invite you to consult our page of Angarde men's pajamas and pajamas shorts , for sale on our website. This page will offer you a set of models for men and women, with sets, long-sleeved tops, short pajamas and pants.

How to choose your Angarde pajamas?

T his year, the launch of homewear was the XXL ambition at Angarde, on this occasion we thought about how to meet all your needs. We therefore offer you a set of options for a sober and elegant look, ideal for the night thanks to their Tencel and Cotton composition, or for teleworking with worked and elegant cuts. We have designed the men's pajama top as a ribless henley with a button collar, the pants are soft and straight, with pockets and a faux fly for added hold. The shorts have a soft elastic waistband so they are comfortable and don't squeeze your stomach, they also have pockets.

We offer shorts in striped designs ranging from navy to dahlia to vibrant lemon yellow to soft sky blue, as well as long-sleeved khaki, navy and beige pajama tops to pair with these shorts or with our indoor pants. These match perfectly with our pajamas thanks to a reminder of the colors and a sophisticated and elegant men's pajamas . These pajamas are made in know-how workshops in Portugal. We have worked to ensure that their price is both accessible and a reflection of true know-how.

These pieces are suitable for the Fall/Winter season and present different options suitable for everyone. They are available from size S to XL for men and from size XS to XL for women. Our cotton tencel pajamas and short pajamas for men have been designed to have a normal size, choose your usual size.

Need one last piece of advice? If you have any hesitation about your pajamas for men or women, regarding size, cut or color, we invite you to contact our customer service. These models are also available for sale or for fitting in our store (80 rue d'aboukir, 75002 Paris).