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Which shoe to choose for nursery school?

Back to school is fast approaching, and it's time to prepare your child for this new stage in their life. Among the many school items to buy, your baby will need shoes, and not just any shoes: slippers. There are several types, ranging from charentaise to ballerinas, including sock slippers. For babies, it is always advisable to choose shoes that perfectly support your child's foot at an age when they are taking their first steps.

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What are the main criteria to consider when purchasing slippers?

  • Their solidity : children are often very active and play indoors, but also sometimes outside with them. The sole of their slippers must therefore be both flexible and resistant to be able to brave all their experiences. We do not recommend wool felt soles which can quickly become damaged and slip on smooth classroom floors. It is essential that slippers provide good grip to prevent slips and falls, especially for little ones learning to walk at nursery. A non-slip rubber sole is recommended to keep your child safe.
  • Your child's comfort : make sure their slippers are neither too tight nor too loose, and that they do not rub against the skin. Make sure the back of his slippers is not too stiff; the friction on his bare feet could cause blisters. In addition, the slippers with a lightly padded sole provide additional cushioning and increased comfort. Finally, it is important to check the composition of the lining of your slippers to avoid synthetic linings which can irritate or create allergies on contact with the bare foot, and to favor cotton or bamboo terry linings, which are soft and breathable.

    angarde boy's mule slippers

    • Maintaining your feet : the children's day in class is punctuated by different activities and games; they may also be encouraged to jump, run, with their friends. You must therefore ensure that their slippers fit their feet well to prevent them from twisting their ankles. We therefore recommend models with elastic or Velcro straps which hold the foot well.
    • Heat : slippers are used to warm your children's feet. Toddlers have very sensitive feet and hands, so it is essential to cover them correctly. Classrooms can be cold, and a child's little feet need extra thermal insulation to stay warm throughout the day. In addition, it is preferable to choose a slipper in which you will not sweat a lot . Slippers made from soft materials such as boiled wool or wool felt are perfect for keeping your child's feet cozy and warm, while still feeling soft.
    • Style : we finally advise you that your child feels comfortable in their slippers and wants to wear them. This is why there are colorful models, with designs, patterns, and even in the shape of a car for your boy or animals for your girl. The aesthetics of the slippers are essential so that your child is not tempted to take them off!
    • The environmental aspect : we will favor models made from natural and recycled materials, if possible produced in Europe, to limit our carbon footprint. Little girls and boys grow quickly, so they will change their size once or twice a year. Better to invest in durable models that can be used again by their little brother or sister. At Angarde, the insole of our eco-responsible slippers is removable, allowing you to change it from one child to another, and leave with a new pair! angarde navy blue children's espadrilles

      What material should you choose for children's slippers?

      Choosing the right material is essential: it must be warm, breathable, flexible and comfortable. Concerning the upper part, we recommend choosing wool slippers rather than leather as they will be softer and more breathable. Wool felt is a soft and natural material, and strong enough not to get holes easily during child's play.

      For the outer sole of their slippers, it all depends on the age of your child: if he or she does not yet walk well, we recommend leather soles, thin and flexible, which allow the arch of the foot to work, and thus leave the foot gains agility. As soon as they start running, it is better to get them slippers with a rubber sole: they are more resistant and provide better grip on the ground.

      Finally, regarding the insole, make sure that it is soft and breathable: we therefore eliminate all synthetic materials and favor soles made of leather, organic cotton or bamboo.

      Which slipper to choose for home or school is therefore complicated!

      What types of slippers for kindergarten?

      Sock slippers are ideal for nursery: made from soft, elastic materials, they perfectly imitate the feel of a sock. They have anti-slip rubber nubs and adapt to your infant's feet. They are perfect for those who have not yet learned how to put on shoes.

      At daycare, we all know how difficult it can be to keep our baby calm while we try to put their shoes on. Opt for Velcro slippers, with adjustable Velcro strips. These slippers make it easy for little ones to put on their pair. Thus, it gives them a certain autonomy, to small children who are just starting to learn to put on their shoes on their own.

      In kindergarten, our children should now be able to put them on on their own. They must therefore be easy to put on. It is therefore preferable to opt for slippers with a tab at the back that the child can pull on alone, and with elastic or zipper on the side, in order to facilitate the putting on process. These slippers are very practical for children who want to save time.

      In kindergarten, children get dirty quickly, so it is essential to know how to care for their slippers .

      Slipper slippers are the perfect solution due to their ease of maintenance. Most of them can be machine washed or wiped with a damp cloth, keeping the slippers clean and hygienic despite children's daily adventures. In addition, these slippers are made with a non-slip, flexible and comfortable sole.

      At Angarde, you can find our collection of slipper slippers for girls and boys, handmade in Spain, easily washable, resistant, ultra-soft and comfortable. Our slippers match those of the parents, for a mother-daughter or dad-boy look.

      angarde family slippers

      Slippers to choose according to the season?

      It is best to have several pairs depending on the season. In summer, your little one will not wear fur-lined or lined slippers!

      When temperatures warm up and sunny days get longer, you need lightweight, breathable slippers. Instead, turn to linen or organic cotton slippers which are an excellent choice for this time of year. These natural materials provide good ventilation allowing feet to breathe and stay cool throughout the day.

      glitter girl slippers

      For the cold seasons, fall and winter, it is essential to choose slippers that offer effective thermal insulation. Wool or leather slippers are ideal for keeping feet warm during the cold months. These soft, warm materials retain body heat and protect feet from low temperatures. It is better to opt for closed slippers, which provide better protection against the cold, and a rubber sole, which insulates from moisture and cold floors.

      If you are hesitant about getting slippers for your child instead, we advise you to read our article on what is the difference between a slipper and a slipper ?

      The importance of the sole!

      Before your child learns to walk, opt for slippers with a soft, thin sole so that their arches feel the ground. These shoes allow the feet to bend naturally and develop strength and balance. The flexible soles also offer a feeling of lightness and freedom of movement.

      From the first steps, slippers with basketball soles will be more suitable. These slippers provide extra cushioning for comfortable walking and reduce impact on the feet when moving.

      angarde rubber sole

      What size slipper should you choose for your child?

      The rule is the same for all children's shoes: to check if the chosen size is the correct one, take out the insole, place your child's foot on the insole, the child's heel shod at the level of the heel of the sole inner: there must remain the equivalent of a foot at the front of the child's foot on the sole so that your child's foot can grow freely.

      At Angarde, we offer in each box of children's slippers a pair of cork insoles to place under the insole of their slippers if your child is between 2 sizes. We therefore advise you to always choose 1 size larger than your usual size.

      Slippers are essential for a child's start to kindergarten, and they are all available at affordable prices. Slippers provide comfort, warmth and safety for your child's feet while promoting their independence and well-being at school. Choose slippers produced in Europe from natural, quality materials. With strong and durable slippers, your child will be able to participate in games comfortably and safely, while preserving the planet!