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Which slipper for the house?

Whether you're a man or a woman, when the temperatures cool down, we all like to put on a pair of warm and comfortable slippers for our feet. But know that a pair of slippers can also be worn in summer to be comfortable and comfortable at home.

So, slippers, mules, charentaises… how to choose your perfect slipper?

Among all the models of slippers, it is essential to choose a pair in which you will feel comfortable and which will please you aesthetically. Don't worry, there is something for all tastes and styles: here are some tips to help you choose your men's or women's slippers.

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Which slippers to be comfortable at home?

If you are looking for good support for your feet, you can opt for “slipper” or “charentaise” type indoor shoes. These are traditional moccasin-shaped slippers, often made of wool felt, which provide excellent foot support. They have a small tab on the top of the foot for a moccasin cut, and often one or two elastics on the side to adjust the slipper to the shape of your children's feet. Often lined, they are generally worn barefoot, but if it is cold, those who are cold can wear them with socks.

traditional charentaise

For those who prefer slippers to put on quickly, mules are particularly popular. The mule slippers have a free heel, making it easy to slip your foot into the pair of slippers in no time. The mule slipper is both practical and comfortable , and is available for women like a man.

ultra comfortable women's mule slipper Angarde

Mules are often considered a good choice for summer due to their open-back design, which allows for better ventilation and a cooler feeling for the feet.

At Angarde, you can find 2 versions for mules: the men's mule and the women's mule: one product available in linen or cotton for summer, and another in wool for winter.

summer linen mule slippers for men and women Angarde
winter wool mule slipper for men and women Angarde

Finally regarding the sole: if traditional slippers have a very soft suede or felt outsole, be aware that these soles are not water resistant. If you live in a humid climate and you intend to wear them on your balcony or in your garden, it is better to opt for slippers with rubber or silicone soles which will insulate your feet well in winter. if it's cold. Non-slip, these solid soles will prevent slipping on smooth floors, providing additional safety at home, especially if they are baby or child slippers!

At Angarde, all our models are fitted with a sneaker-style rubber outsole, flexible and water-resistant, allowing you to go out with it if necessary!

unisex slipper with resistant sole Angarde

What are the most comfortable slippers?

When looking for comfortable and warm slippers, the choice of material is crucial. Some natural materials are more suitable than others to keep your feet warm while providing you with the comfort you are looking for.

Wool has long been recognized as a material of choice for slippers. It provides natural insulation, keeping feet warm during the winter months while allowing the skin to breathe. It is also soft and comfortable, providing a soft and cushy feeling on the feet. Wool slippers are also strong and durable, making them a wise choice for those looking to invest in a pair of slippers that will last over time.

Leather is another popular material for quality women's slippers . It offers increased longevity compared to other materials. It also conforms to the shape of the foot over time, providing a personalized and comfortable fit. Leather slippers can be made from different varieties, from cowhide to lambskin, or sheepskin, offering a wide choice of styles and qualities.

Each material offers its specific advantages, ranging from the natural thermal insulation of wool to the durability of leather. Each of these materials has its own benefits, so don't hesitate to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

At Angarde, we highlight the know-how, sometimes ancestral, of wool carding. This process allows the recycled fibers to be untangled and aerated. It is in Italy that craftsmen carry out these operations with mechanical tools, and taking their time. Gradually, the resistance of the fibers of this recycled wool is tested.

Our slippers are made from recycled wool (upper part), suede leather (inserts), recycled cotton loops (lining) and natural wool (fur-lined sole): wool slippers that provide your feet with warmth, softness and optimal support.

women's wool slipper Angarde

What type of sole should you choose for your types of shoes?

Your shoes should be chosen according to your tastes of course but also according to your activities at home.

If you live in an apartment, and you don't want to make noise on the floor so as not to disturb your neighbors, choose felt or rubber soles over leather soles.

If you are in the habit of frequently going back and forth between the interior and exterior of your home, if you often go down to the basement, or if you have many stairs to go up and down, you will need a sturdy, non-slip sole for your slippers. A rubber sole will insulate you well from the cold and give you better grip on the ground than a felt or leather sole, thus preventing you from slipping.

At Angarde, we have opted for a rubber sole, which is a more resistant and more insulating alternative to the wool sole of traditional Charentaises or leather slippers.

Angarde rubber sole mule slipper

Which slippers to avoid sweating?

The rule: avoid slippers made of synthetic materials, especially slippers filled with polyester wool, and favor quality natural materials.

Angarde wool mule slipper

How much should you pay for a slipper?

It all depends on your budget obviously: all fast fashion brands offer indoor shoes starting at €20-30. Be aware that these brands often produce on the other side of the planet, with synthetic materials that have a significant impact on the environment. You will find very well made Charentaise shoes made in France from €50-60, and from €100 for luxury indoor shoes.

In our opinion, the best slipper brands are those that manufacture products in Europe with a timeless design that you won't get tired of, and that use as many natural and/or recycled materials as possible.

At Angarde, our men's and women's slippers start at a price of €69 for more resistant and more durable models. If you know the brand, you know that Angarde is a brand totally invested in the research and development of eco-sourced and sustainable materials. Our brand has chosen to position itself as an actor of ethical and eco-conscious fashion. This is why our two-tone and multi-colored slippers are designed with the best Spanish know-how and with a maximum of quality natural materials, if possible recycled.

Angarde's objective has been the same since its genesis: to create men's and women's slippers, but also children's slippers , timeless, durable, accessible in terms of price and for everyone, freeing themselves from fashion trends. To do this, we have taken care to create ranges of slippers for men, women and children that are minimalist (but not simplistic), elegant (and never flashy), but above all offering ultimate comfort.

With Angarde, dare to wear an elegant and comfortable indoor shoe, but above all an ethical and responsible slipper. Today, it is entirely possible to be elegant and consume better. No more rushing for inexpensive models made on the other side of the world in synthetic materials that don't last. This year, focus on quality! Ultimately, you will see that it is your feet that will thank you for it.

In July 2022, Angarde was rewarded for its efforts towards more sustainable fashion by being B Corp certified.