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What is the difference between a slipper and a slipper?

When we're looking to relax at home, it's common to slip on a pair of slippers or slippers to keep our feet warm and comfortable. Although these two terms are often used to describe the same pair of shoes, they are actually different.

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What is a slipper?

A slipper is a soft shoe that wraps around the entire foot, usually made from various materials such as wool, felt or leather, providing thermal insulation and optimal protection. This pair is worn as soon as the temperatures cool down. Slippers usually have a non-slip sole and provide added warmth. The sole is generally made of rubber, which provides good grip on the floor or tiles. Slippers are often considered softer and more comfortable, providing a warm and comforting feeling when worn. Some slipper styles, like high slippers or slipper boots, even offer additional protection by also covering the ankle. If you are cold, opt for slippers that contain hot air inside the shoe.

Angarde women's slippers

What is a slipper?

Slippers are also indoor shoes, but open at the back, more rigid and structured than slippers, without an upper and sometimes without a heel. To put on a slipper, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is slide your foot inside, like a classic flip flop. They are made from soft, fuzzy materials such as terry cloth, faux fur, or cotton. Slippers are designed to provide light, airy comfort to our feet, allowing them to breathe while staying warm, providing ease when moving around the house.

Slippers are considered more comfortable and soft, while slippers are considered more durable and practical.

If you are looking for slippers for your wardrobe, you can check out our men's, women's and children's slippers !

Other differences between the slipper and the slipper

Slippers and slippers do not differ only by their shape or the materials used for their manufacture, but also by their origin and their usefulness.

The first slipper-like shoes date back to ancient times and, over the centuries, they developed mainly in North America before becoming popular around the world and being considered an essential accessory for nightwear . The slipper has the same origin as the slipper, however it was further developed in the Middle East and North Africa under the name of babouches, then it was exported to France and Spain where the slipper was a real success.

Since their inception, slippers and slippers have been quite similar, which is confusing these days.

Slippers are strictly designed for one thing: doing nothing around the house. These indoor shoes are meant for relaxing and relaxing. This is one of the reasons why they are used in spas and wellness centers.

On the other hand, slippers are more robust and protective, which allows them to be used for short distances, such as throwing away the trash, picking up the mail or having a coffee on your terrace. Plus, they are ideal for colder climates to keep our little feet warm.

mule slippers and angarde slippers

The lines between slippers and slippers have started to blur over time. Nowadays, many brands offer models that combine the characteristics of both types of shoes. So, you can find slippers with an opening at the back, offering ease of putting on similar to that of slippers. Likewise, slippers with a wraparound design are also available, providing better support for the foot.

What are the different types of indoor shoes?

There are a large number of models of indoor shoes, whether in winter or summer, slippers are essential for the home. These products are made from different materials such as wool or leather, each model has a particular sole, and is easy to maintain .

Mules have become very popular in recent years. Open at the back, they are quick to put on and don't even require a zipper or laces. This fashionable model offers optimal comfort thanks to their padded insole. Your feet breathe in the mules, which keeps you from getting too hot and keeps you comfortable in your shoes. There are different types of mule models, some have open toes, others have high heels, and the materials used also vary (leather, suede, fabric...) whether for men's or women's mules . This wide choice allows you to adapt your pair of mules to all occasions, whether for an outing in town or an evening.

angarde navy beige mule

At Angarde, the indoor mule has been designed to adapt to the shape of your foot and ensure perfect support. No more open shoes that come off when walking, combine comfort and elegance! We offer a summer version in recycled linen, breathable, perfect for staying at home or for summer walks, as well as a winter version in recycled wool, warm and cozy.

Charentaises are traditional French shoes, originating from Charente (hence their name), recognizable by their round toe and open heel. This model is made from wool, providing constant warmth. In addition, this material is as soft as fur. The sole is made of felt, providing good grip on the ground. The Charentaises perfectly fit the shape of the foot, guaranteeing maximum support. Charentaises have a manufacturing process different from other shoes, they are made by hand using traditional artisanal techniques.

Whether you want to relax at home or warm up during the winter months, the Charentaise is the ideal choice!

Slipper socks are perfect for staying warm in winter on your sofa, generally made from synthetic materials, they are soft, warm and very comfortable. They are non-slip to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces in your home.

If you want to be both comfortable and fashionable, opt for slippers! This model can be worn with any clothing, whether it is a pajamas set or jeans. Slipper slippers provide exceptional comfort for your feet. Typically made from leather, suede, or soft fabric, they feel great against the skin.

At Angarde, our slipper slippers are available in many colors and different textures, you can find recycled wool slippers with sequins, in solid colors, collaborations... This slipper is ultra comfortable and breathable, ideal for a long day at home, cocooning on the sofa or aperitif with friends!

angarde slippers slippers

Ladies, find our comfortable women's slippers , essential for feeling good at home.

The different types of materials used to make your indoor shoes

When buying shoes for the house, it is essential to choose the right material to be comfortable.

  • Wool is the most used material for making slippers or slippers, popular for its softness, warmth and ability to absorb moisture, it is perfect for winter and to keep your feet warm. At Angarde, it makes up the upper part of our AW slippers (the upper).
  • Sheepskin is a natural material that insulates your foot, ideal for any season. Sheepskin slippers provide maximum comfort.
  • Cotton provides a feeling of lightness and freshness and is perfect for everyday use. This material is recommended to wear in summer because it absorbs perspiration, allowing your foot to stay dry throughout the day.
  • For luxury lovers, opt for velvet. This soft and elegant material offers a feeling of comfort thanks to its smooth texture.

Choosing a slipper so you don't sweat is also important to staying comfortable at home.

What are the different types of soles for slippers and slippers?

The sole is a primary feature of slippers and slippers. It plays a vital role in the durability and comfort you look for in your indoor shoe.

  • Rubber soles are popular for their grip on the ground and their anti-slip function. The rubber is wear-resistant and provides good stability to prevent falls, which is essential for children. At Angarde, all our slippers are made with a removable, shockproof and anti-odor memory rubber outsole. rubber sole slippers
  • Memory foam insoles provide exceptional comfort by conforming to the unique shape of your feet and return to their original shape after each use.
  • Felt soles are known for their thermal insulation, making them ideal for winter. They are generally used for traditional slippers such as charentaises.
  • For summer, leather soles are ideal. Often used in high-quality slippers, the leather sole is lightweight, breathable and conforms to the shape of the foot.

At Angarde, you can find our removable wool insoles, offering optimal comfort and adapting perfectly to all our collections, for example chic indoor mules for women or slippers for children.

Slippers and slippers for the outdoors?

Indeed, slippers and slippers are initially designed for indoors, but did you know that there are also models for outdoors?

These special models offer a practical and comfortable solution for those who want to throw away their trash, get their mail or simply relax on their sofa.

Which shoes and slippers for our children?

Children's feet require great attention in terms of protection and well-being. It is essential that they are non-slip for absolute safety.

For little ones, plush slippers are optimal in terms of comfort, made from cotton or faux fur. They take on fun shapes such as cartoon or animal characters.

For older children, parents can opt for zippered or Velcro slippers to encourage their independence.

If you want to know more, you can read our article “ Which slipper for kindergarten ?”

angarde children's slipper

At school, children get dirty very quickly! Slipper slippers are the perfect solution thanks to their ease of maintenance, since most of them can be machine washed. Our Argarde slipper slippers for children, which you can find on our site or in store, are comfortable, durable and eco-responsible.

Whether you're looking for the cozy comfort of slippers or the practicality of slippers, it's important to choose quality indoor shoes that provide both good support and traction on the floor in your home. Slippers and slippers allow us to relax and take care of our feet, which support us all day long. All you have to do is choose your model!