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The homewear trend, style and comfort for your indoor clothing

In recent years, the homewear trend has gained more and more ground. With cozy, comfortable and always chic outfits, dressing to stay at home has never been so pleasant. Gone are the old, misshapen pajamas with which we were ashamed to answer the door. From now on, outfits designed for the home have nothing to envy of other wardrobes. Angarde, an ethical shoe brand, invites you to decipher this trend that breaks the codes in order to analyze its main points. Focus.

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The homewear trend in a few words

Homewear literally means “clothing to wear at home”. It is also called leisurewear, lounge wear and sometimes even sportswear. Initially, it was simply a passing trend, nicknamed the “pajama trend”, highlighted by certain designers on the catwalks. This consisted of diverting pieces from nightwear such as nighties, camisole, etc. and adapting them into daytime looks. Little by little, this fashion gained momentum and it quickly became a real concept. Today, homewear has definitely established itself to become a trend in its own right. Almost every clothing brand now has a complete leisure cocooning collection or capsule, for both men and women.

What was the role of the pandemic in the advent of homewear?

Leisurewear and the loungewear market were already quite well established before the pandemic. However, the first confinement due to Covid-19 and imposed teleworking allowed this type of clothing to take off like never before. Indeed, indoor outfits are halfway between pajamas and ordinary outfits. They made it possible to get dressed without feeling like you were staying in your night clothes all day. However, they remain comfortable enough to be perfectly comfortable while being presentable for video conferences.

The essential pieces of the loungewear market

The loungewear wardrobe is made up of different pieces that have become essential for being comfortable at home. They all have one thing in common: they offer incomparable comfort. If you want to build a homewear wardrobe, here are the right elements to choose.

Sportswear sets

Jogging, leggings, sports pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, are all sportswear designs that are essential as interior clothing. Many brands feature them in their collections. The latter no longer hesitate to create ever cooler coordinated high and low sets. Perfect whatever the season and suitable for all members of the family, the pieces inspired by the world of sport are ideal for relaxing at home. However, all you need to do is put on a pair of sneakers to go out without ever looking like you're in your pajamas.

Lingerie pieces

Some lingerie models have inspired homewear wardrobe creations. These include the nightie (a kind of little dress), and the camisole which are known for their elegance and delicacy. For this type of range, these models are generally reworked to be more “portable” during the day. Thus, they can form the basis of a trendy and cozy loungewear look. To do this, it is possible to put them together with a trendy bathrobe, a negligee or a kimono, for example.

The choice of materials, an important detail

Investing in a homewear wardrobe always involves choosing clothes made from the right materials. If the choice is made according to the season, it is always advisable to choose quality and above all natural materials which offer a much more pleasant sensation on the skin. Cotton is essential, but the same goes for linen, silk, wool, cashmere or even mohair, for example.

Perfect your homewear look with Angarde shoes

No question of staying at home without finishing your look with a pretty pair of slippers. Exit heels and lack of comfort, with home wear , live life flat! Good news, Angarde has created a complete line of high quality slippers. These are intended for everyone, but also and above all for consumers keen to consume in a more ethical way.

The Angarde Shoes slipper, fashion garment par excellence

Made from high-quality, eco-sourced materials, our slippers will go perfectly with your women's and men's comfort blanket outfits. Know that their robustness makes them pieces that you can also go out with. In addition, you can also shop in our other ranges, namely espadrilles or mules. These will also provide you with significant well-being by taking care of your feet. Last accessory not to be missed to maximize the comfort aspect: our eco-designed socks in France.

The homewear trend now has no secrets for you. In a dressing room, pieces from the leisure wardrobe take up more and more space. Pleasant, elegant and above all always comfortable, it is now possible to stay stylish at all times thanks to them. To do this, we no longer hesitate to create complete interior outfits, without forgetting slippers. Among the many brands on the market, Angarde offers you eco-designed and high quality slippers. If you're looking for ultra-comfortable slippers to complete your homewear look, you now know where to find them.