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A responsible winter weekend!

With the cold setting in and the first snowflakes falling, it's time to escape for a weekend. As you know at Angarde, our core values ​​are simplicity and friendliness, so it is important for us to combine pleasure and responsibility.

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Nature lovers, discover slow-living!

Slow-life is about settling down, taking a step back from what you do and what you experience and asking yourself what is important to you. Here is our little guide to living a weekend in slow life mode:

- First, disconnect! We invite you to take advantage of this weekend to switch off and focus on what is around you. You will say “easy to say” but we guarantee you will not regret it.

- Discover your surroundings! Have you traveled the world but don't know the most beautiful French regions? It's time to fix it!

- Consume local! We think about revising our classics and we finally let ourselves be tempted by the famous Breton pancakes, Dijon mustard or Montélimar nougat.

- Opt for eco-designed accommodation! Find accommodation that guarantees you a minimal footprint in order to respect the environment around you.

And since we're nice, we've selected our two favorites for a successful slow life weekend.

Discover a forest village in Alsace!

The Angarde team has tested Nutchel Cozy Cabins for you and we validate it 100%. Nutchel offers you a unique experience in pretty, simple and comfortable little houses, nestled in the heart of nature, which blend perfectly into the greenery that surrounds them. The village is located in a green region rich in unique heritage and discoveries. So if you have always dreamed of creating light with oil lamps and candles, lighting the wood stove to warm yourself and finally finishing that book, which is lying on your bedside table, facing nature, you know what you have left to do !

Nutchel Cozy Cabins

Discover the terroir at Parcel Tiny House

Thanks to Parcel Tiny House , winegrowers, market gardeners or breeders welcome you to their land to share their passion with you and help you discover their ancestral methods. You will stay in comfortable and welcoming Tiny Houses, open to nature and designed in a minimalist design. Experience a no-fuss micro-adventure without further delay and enjoy nature as far as the eye can see.

Parcel Tiny House

Winter sports enthusiasts? We won't forget you!

We know that snow sports have a heavy ecological impact on the mountains, but it is entirely possible to reduce your environmental footprint. We'll explain!

Choose a responsible ski resort . More and more ski resorts are trying to reduce pollution caused by their activities. To recognize them? Get help from labels like Flocon Vert or Green Globe . Choosing a responsible resort also means choosing one with good snow because the snow cannons used to create artificial snow consume a lot of water.

Responsible housing? Opt for youth hostels! The development of hotel complexes is responsible for 35% of CO 2 emissions in resorts.

Say no to the car! For this weekend in the snow, the train is your best ally!

To equip yourself warmly before going skiing, there is no need to systematically buy new gear. Bet on rental or second-hand equipment on Vinted , Le Bon Coin for example.

Here too, remember to consume local . It's time to plan raclette or fondue evenings with a clear conscience!

Ski Station Manager

Traveling eco-responsibly means above all respecting nature . Wherever you are, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the forest, you share these spaces with animals. To avoid harming their way of life, you must remain discreet and provide means to collect your waste.

And there you have it, you are finally ready to experience a responsible winter weekend. Oops, we forgot one last tip… Above all, don’t forget to enjoy!