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How to have a more responsible Christmas celebration?

“This year it’s decided, I’m consuming more responsibly for Christmas!” A phrase that you hear more and more? And so much the better! Choosing ethical gifts, wrapping gifts in an eco-responsible way, decorating your home with recycled objects or even cooking responsibly... There are many possibilities available to you. you to mark your commitment as the holidays approach! We tell you more

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Offer an eco-responsible Christmas gift

Looking for a gift for your sister, your dad or your mother-in-law?

  • Opt for an ethical gift, organic beauty products, preparation kit of all kinds, scented soy wax candle… and of course don’t forget the Angarde slippers 🙂
  • Put a “zero waste” gift under the tree, to spoil your loved ones by raising awareness among those around you: bulk bags, reusable cotton pads, Bee Wraps, or even Julie Bernier’s great book, “Zero waste: The manual of 'everyday ecology' .
  • And the simplest solution if you have a little time, even make the gift yourself!

Wrap gifts more eco-friendly

Who says Christmas, says gifts. Who says gifts says… paper packaging!

Gift wrap, adhesive tape, plastic bows... whose lifespan of a few seconds ends in our trash... Are you full? U.S. too !

This waste of energy, resources and money, however, has more ecological, sustainable and economical alternatives!

The principle is to no longer buy gift paper but to recycle existing gift wrapping, to use fabrics for zero waste, original, personalized and more economical packaging!

Do you know the Japanese technique of Furoshiki ? This involves reusing scraps of fabric, scarves, sheets, tablecloths, etc. which are cut up to make reusable fabric packaging.

You can also make small labels by cutting kraft envelopes. To decorate, twist the kitchen twine, slip in a branch of eucalyptus or a stick of cinnamon, a slice of dried orange and voila: your packaging is unique, personalized and above all: eco-friendly.

Finally, don't hesitate to talk about the pretty packaging you receive in the months leading up to the end-of-year holidays. It can still be used ;)

Decorate your house with recycled objects or Do It Yourself

At Christmas, there is a desire to decorate your home! Tree, garlands, wreaths, table decoration… Here are our 2 tips for eco-responsible Christmas decoration:

  • Reuse objects or objects from nature to make your own decoration: this is the principle of DIY. A simultaneous way to entertain young and old, raise awareness and decorate your home. For example, you can make your own Advent calendar , your Christmas wreath or even make your tree .
  • Buying second-hand is also an option: it allows you to renew your decor in a more economical and ecological way. Don't hesitate to resell or give away the decorations that we no longer use, they could make people happy in another house and celebrate Christmas for several more years. Vinted , Le bon coin or even Emmaüs , the choice is multiple!

Cooking a seasonal festive meal

First of all, we advise you to cook seasonally! In December, many fruits and vegetables bring you endless recipe possibilities: carrots, mushrooms, squash, cabbage, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, leeks, chestnuts, clementines, oranges, apples, pears... In addition to being good for the environment, eating seasonally allows you to cook fresh products whose taste will be preserved! A real plus for the planet but also and above all for your palate and that of your guests.

We offer you as a starter: vegan smoked salmon style carrot , as a main course: butternut squash made with goat cheese, thyme and garlic then to finish a sweet note: cinnamon Christmas cookies . Something for you to enjoy!

We also recommend that you plan a Christmas menu that can please as many people as possible: Why not offer a vegetarian or even vegan Christmas meal? This will allow you, in a single menu, to adapt to the diet of a large number of your guests: lactose intolerant, non-meat consumers, etc.

The Christmas ayatollahs will undoubtedly have a harder time changing their habits, but if each of us changes even one or two habits for more responsible actions then we can make this period of over-consumption a little more eco-friendly !
Will you tell us how it went? Merry Christmas 😉