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Ulule's committed campaigns, our selection of the month!

To offer an original gift to your loved one or to yourself, consider crowdfunding. This pre-order system, also called crowdfunding, brings investors and project leaders together in order to finance it.

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Your order constitutes valuable support for these young brands, because it avoids having to advance the cash flow costs which will allow them to develop. For their part, they undertake not to overproduce by creating the right quantity, paying the different actors in the value chain upstream and not after delivery. 

Team members were asked which project they supported and why.

Emeline supports: The evolving bodysuit

Betty is the mother of a 2-year-old boy and she has embarked on the crazy entrepreneurial adventure of Petit Gigoteur. A self-taught seamstress, she launched her eco-responsible bodysuit extension project. Passionate about the world of responsible childcare, she wants to develop her product range with this 2 in 1 bodysuit which will accompany your child in a more sustainable way.

For what ?

“Because it would almost make you want to have children”

13 days left

Ségolène maintains: The guide to the perfect permaculture garden

T he book that Valentin would have loved to have had when he started his vegetable garden 10 years ago. “ The guide to the perfect permaculture garden is the story of a long experience.

In 2018, Valentin created a mandala garden on a former horse meadow, an edible forest, aromatic squares and gave new life to a 130-year-old glass greenhouse. The Jardins de la Houssaye were born! Today, he grows more than 400 different varieties of vegetables and herbs. More than 1,000 visitors have already visited his gardens and around a hundred gardeners have trained in permaculture alongside him. 

Drawing on these experiences, he decided to publish a booklet with his techniques and the atypical varieties encountered during his visit to the Jardins de la Houssaye. The small booklet turned into a book of more than 160 pages.

It's a journey to the heart of its gardens to use as inspiration.

For what ?

“Because it would perhaps help me to have a green thumb”

26 days left

Floriane supports: It's Jaylane

It's Jaylane, a product that embodies the link between women and nature

Many women's clothing exists but few are adapted to comfort and respect for nature. It's Jaylane is also and above all the desire to offer a product designed for all our moments of life combining softness & comfort, but also the desire for ethical and family production.

It's Jaylane places sustainability at the heart of its priorities.

For what ?

“Because I like the pieces offered, simply because they are sober, in the tones that I like and which seem to be of very good quality”

26 days left

Aurélie supports: Philippine Bro

Philippine Bro is a creative place that highlights tufting (an artisanal weaving technique which consists of inserting wool onto a stretched canvas using a tufting machine), but not only that…

She wants to create a living space where sharing and creativity come alive every day. A workshop-boutique that resembles it: colorful, designer and festive. 

For what ?

“Because there is nothing better to develop your creativity. And creativity is good. (Yes). »

9 days left

And the whole team supports: the Mule by Angarde

Ready to set foot (committed) to summer? Support our campaign. Breathable and stylish, the Mule will be your summer essential.

More than 400 pairs have already been pre-ordered. And to thank you, 1 solid shampoo from the cosmetics brand Breathe will be included in all pre-orders of 2 pairs of Mules or more! 

If you want to take advantage of it, you still have 6 days left before the end of the campaign, which will take place Monday February 28 at midnight. 

Come on, it's the home stretch! Our Ulule campaign is this way

PS: Thanks again for everything!