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5 eco-responsible brands you absolutely must know

At Angarde, we like to share alternatives with you to help you consume more responsibly. So today, we're telling you about 5 eco-responsible French brands that we love and with whom we share common values!

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Why choose to consume ethically?

The question of environmental but also societal responsibility is on everyone's lips. But it is much more than just a trend!

For several years, we - the brands - and consumers have been evaluating our weight and our impact on the planet and on those who work hard to produce the products that help us live and that give us pleasure.

Today, we want ethics, sustainability, in short, responsibility! And one of these alternatives is to choose carefully the brands that we support.

Les Petits Prodiges, cosmetics to get back to basics

The Little Prodigies

If you are tired of having a toiletry bag and/or your cupboards filled to the brim, this brand is for you! In 2017, this pretty brand is emerging on the French market.

The founders? Camille and Clementine! Two young women who are passionate about cosmetics but who no longer find themselves in the offers offered: the products are too harmful, too numerous and too expensive.

Neither one, nor two, they launch their magical and multi-use balms. They can be used endlessly: in facial care, in body care, in makeup remover balm, in lip balm, in hair care, etc. and, according to their customers' testimonials, as a treatment for minor burns and as a treatment for eczema!

Perfect for your wallet and for the planet!

La Virgule, the responsible adventure!

The comma

In the Angarde team, we love to travel. So when we discovered La Virgule's backpacks, we had to tell you about them!

Like Angarde, the 4 founders of La Virgule have focused on the end of life of its products since its creation. La Virgule is betting that with waste we can do better than with new! And we couldn't agree more ;)

Their mission? Develop the world of sport and outdoor to put an end to linear consumption.

They collect materials and technical products at the end of their life to transform them into technical AND upcycled backpacks and bike bags: yoga mats, or kayaks, La Virgule has been able to innovate to produce its products.

What struck us the most about this brand is its commitment to people with disabilities: certain products such as the Hors bord bag were made in France in ESAT. And we support that!

Anja, swimsuits that take you on a journey without damaging the planet!


The sunny days are soon back and so are the weekends by the sea.

The French brand offers swimwear and beachwear. Since its creation in 2019, the founders, Alexandra and Lucie, have wanted to combine sensuality, elegance, character and commitment.

To do this, they decided to have their products manufactured in Portugal with 5 human-sized Portuguese factories. Many jerseys are Oeko-Tex and/or Econyl certified.

Anja does not advocate 100% flawlessness but is part of a real transparent and responsible approach aimed at always improving! 1% of profits are also donated to Secours Populaire to allow children to go on vacation.

Nénés Paris, which rethinks lingerie in a thoughtful way

Tits Paris

Going against the tide of fast fashion, Nénés Paris is a lingerie and loungewear brand. It only releases 4 collections per year: 2 spring/summer collections and 2 fall/winter collections. And that’s more than enough!

If you like lace, flowers, warm colors, the Mediterranean and the 70s, their models are sure to please you.

The big positive point? Nénés Paris lingerie is made from 100% recycled fiber. The ends of rolls, fabric scraps and used plastic bottles are crushed, cleaned and melted to produce this fiber.

In terms of lingerie, this brand is a favorite!

Les Récupérables, unique creations thanks to upcycling!

The Recoverables

The Les Récupérables brand begins with Anaïs DW. Responsible for a solidarity shop, she sees 300kg of textiles arriving at the resource center every day, a consequence of our overconsumption.

Anaïs makes a strong observation: fast fashion is not made to last but to be bought, consumed and thrown away. Quality has been divided by 3 and consumption multiplied by 3 since 2000. The concept: a fashion brand on the principle of upcycling 100% made in France in an integration workshop.

Paris, Marseille, Roubaix, the workshops are the lifeblood of Recupérables at three points in France, a relationship of trust and admiration for those who have made craftsmanship and integration their priority.

For all these reasons - and because we fell in love with this set - we have teamed up with Les Récupérables to allow you to win the perfect combo to end the winter warmly: a pair of slippers of your choice and the Archipelago Day/Night set!

To participate, go to our Instagram profile, right HERE !