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To start the year off right

Who says new year also says new resolutions. But we often set ourselves unattainable and sometimes restrictive goals. What if this year, our resolutions were small, everyday gestures? For a healthier lifestyle, here are some habits to adopt now.

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Take more steps!

“This year I'm joining the gym! » It's the inevitable resolution, which we never keep or only the first week of January... To start this year of changes gently, you can simply walk more every day, take the stairs instead of the elevator or even cycling instead of the car, which is much more polluting.

A more eco-responsible year

We realize that it is time for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint. So to start the year off right, remember to take a few simple actions: buy seasonal products, do your shopping in bulk, delete your emails, choose water bottles rather than plastic, take public transport, support eco-friendly brands. responsible, buy second-hand clothes, etc.

Take care of yourself

Whether for your mind or simply for your body, it is important that you give yourself little moments just for you. Go for a spa session, a walk in the forest, or even a day of reading. Set aside a little time during the day to do things that make you happy.

There are many ways to treat yourself, so we're counting on you to find the one that suits you best.

Learn new things

Did you want to start knitting? Or learn to play guitar already last year?

And why not get started? This year is the opportunity to learn new things, without fear, without fear, with desire and patience!

An advice ? Get started!

Limit your waste production

Throw away less, it’s possible!

Avoid excess packaging, favor recyclable materials, choose cardboard over plastic or use recycled plastic, favor reusable products.

Finally, repair your equipment and donate your clothes, furniture, objects that are no longer needed... Rather than throwing them away, think about giving them a second life!

Cook more... for your taste buds and your health

Want to eat a good burger? 2022 is the year without guilt!

Instead of ordering from a restaurant, have fun making it yourself! It’s an opportunity to eat more fresh foods and revisit your favorite dishes.

Be kind to your loved ones & others

This year, we forgive and apologize to the people we miss. Life is too short to stay angry and let's not forget that to err is human!

This is the year to spend more time with family and friends, take care of them, laugh, create memories together and love each other!

Get out of your comfort zone

This year we assert ourselves, we trust each other! Dare! Try new things, travel, take risks! And above all, don't be afraid of the unknown, don't be afraid to make your dreams and projects come true!


A cause is close to your heart? Invest yourself.

There are so many associations dedicated to the most diverse themes that you too will find the cause that suits you best. Above all, let yourself be guided by the values ​​to which you attach importance.

And finally, love yourself!

This year we stop looking for love, but we start loving ourselves... Because ultimately to give love to others you have to start by giving it to yourself.

The entire Angarde team wishes you a wonderful year 2022!