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Eco-responsible holidays, how do we do it?

Summer vacation is almost here! At Angarde, we are aware that a few moments of pleasure can also have a significant impact on our ecosystem. It is obvious that we offer you our best advice for spending the most eco-responsible vacation possible. How to do it ? Discover our 5 tips...

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What does “eco-responsible vacation” mean? (also called "eco-tourism")

Eco-tourism is the answer to traditional tourism which represents one of the most important industries in the world. This vision of tourism is relatively recent.

Indeed, tourism is the source of nearly 10% of greenhouse gas emissions according to a study published in Nature Climate Change.

Tourist interest in more sustainable holidays, both in France and abroad, has increased considerably. 54% specified that their confrontation with the “impact of tourism” during a previous vacation had made them want to travel in a more ecological way.

Thus, eco-tourism allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, promotes the local economy and helps preserve and protect nature and ecosystems.

1. Choose an accessible destination

Travel is synonymous with discovery. So the desire to fly far, very far away is understandable. But if you have the opportunity to help the planet (and save money), we strongly advise you to choose accessible destinations. And there are quite a few!

Italy for its gastronomy and its dolce vita, Portugal for its mountains and beaches, Spain for its tapas and sangria, and above all… France!

What's better than (re)discovering your country. And there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes! We also recommend the Instagram account @lespepitesdefrance which offers you breathtaking French destinations.

And who says accessible destination, says means of transport with a low carbon footprint!

2. Choose a means of transport with a low carbon footprint

Transport represents 3/4 of greenhouse gas emissions generated by tourism each year. However, this footprint can easily be reduced.

To limit the carbon impact of transport to your vacation spot, you can think about your destination according to two criteria:

  • The distance between your home and your vacation spot. Obviously, the closer the chosen destination is to you, the less carbon your journey will generate.
  • The means of transport used to travel to the vacation spot. Because even if you choose a destination close to your home, depending on how you are going to travel, the impact can be double or double. It is therefore essential to favor soft mobility. Think about trains and carpooling!

3. Choose eco-friendly accommodation

This is the first step in planning your eco-responsible vacation. To choose your accommodation we recommend the We Go GreenR website .

Like Angarde, We go GreenR aims to restore meaning. And it is through travel that they decide to give back. Because beyond choosing accommodation committed to an ecological transition, you are going to meet passionate hosts who are keen to pass on things!

The site lists the best eco-responsible accommodation and ranks them from 1 to 5 according to a “Greenscore”.

4. Promote local products

There are two big advantages to eco-tourism: it boosts the local economy and introduces people to authentic and unique products. To find addresses, you can trust the La Clef Verte website which is THE label to know in terms of eco-tourism. You will find numerous accommodations there as well as certified restaurants.

In a more unusual concept, the Oh La Vache platform allows you to live a unique experience by staying on your hosts' farm. Original isn't it?

5. Pack eco-responsible products in your suitcase

The holidays are the time of year when we want to free ourselves from constraints, enjoy and relax. But who said you can't enjoy and consume well? Not us !

Here are some ideas for packing your suitcase for a respectful vacation:

  • Choose an environmentally friendly sunscreen to combat beach and ocean pollution. For example EQ Love , a certified organic natural cosmetics & sunscreen brand, inspired by surfing.
  • Use solid products to take care of your skin and hair. In the team, we are fans of Respire products!
  • And of course, choose durable and responsible shoes.

At Angarde , we have designed shoes that accompany you on all your adventures, whether they take place in the city, at the sea or even at home. Espadrilles, sneakers or slippers will ethically find their place in your suitcase!

    In short, only take the best and only what you need!

    That's it, you have all the tips to enjoy your vacation responsibly! If this article helped you, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones so that they too can discover a new way of traveling.