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How to clean and maintain your Angarde slippers? Discover our advice

We happily return to our pair of slippers after a tiring day at work or a walk in the rain. Your feet can't wait to slip into a cozy pair of slippers . This is the promise our Angarde slippers make to you , ultra-comfortable and designed with eco-responsible materials, which you need to take care of!

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The characteristics of the materials used for your pair of slippers

You have chosen a pair of Angarde recycled wool slippers for your feet and you have done well! Wool is an excellent insulator from the cold, and also from the heat... Thermoregulating, these natural fibers provide you with extreme comfort in all seasons. By choosing a product designed with up-cycled material, you are participating in a sustainable and responsible consumption pattern. Angarde slippers are made in Spain with recycled products:

  • the upper and the (removable) insole are made of recycled wool;

  • the inside of your slipper is made from recycled cotton;

  • the inserts are in premium suede leather;

  • The sole is rubber.

These materials require different maintenance. As you know, recycled wool is a living material. These natural fibers react to changes in atmosphere and the passage of time. It is therefore essential to take care of it on a daily basis. How to maintain and wash your slippers? Here are our tips .

How to wash your slippers? Two solutions

You absolutely want your wool slippers to stay clean, odorless and dirt-free, and we understand. This is why we offer you two solutions to clean and maintain your wool slippers according to the rules of the art. As with your shoes, the first instinct is to air out your slippers as much as possible and protect them from dust by storing them in a closet when you are not wearing them.

Wash your slippers by hand in lukewarm water

When wearing your slippers indoors, they may become stained. Thanks to regular maintenance, you extend their lifespan and confirm your comfort.

Before embarking on an unfortunate experience, remember two important elements:

  • wool slippers will not survive cleaning in the washing machine;

  • time and open air are your best allies for drying your slippers.

Before dampening your slippers, we advise you to remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner or a small stiff brush. Your slippers may be stained on the vamp (the upper part). To remedy this, you can use the same cleaning process as for suede slippers. You will need:

  • a clean cloth or towel;

  • a little lukewarm water and soap;

  • with a suede brush.

By lightly dampening the uppers of your slippers with warm, soapy water, you can remove stains. Our advice? Prefer to use a soft sponge to clean the leather or rubber parts of your Angarde slippers (straps and soles).

The inside of our slippers is made of cotton, wool and recycled latex. We advise you to remove the dust with the small brush of the vacuum cleaner, then dab lightly with a sponge soaked in soap.

Dry cleaning very regularly

To make your pair of slippers last , it is important to take care of them, especially if you wear them every day. You are attached to the cozy comfort that your slippers bring to your feet, and you want to maintain it over time. Here are some tips!
Our Angarde slippers have a removable cotton insole. You can therefore wash it separately with lukewarm water and soap.

To ensure the upper of your Angarde slippers remains silky, you can use a small soft brush and gently comb the recycled wool from the outside and inside.

If you ever need to eliminate potential bad odors , we advise you to sprinkle baking soda on it fairly regularly: one or two nights a month for example.

Baking soda is ideal for eliminating bad odors and limiting humidity in your slippers and shoes. Its antiseptic and stain removal properties are particularly effective. All bacteria and fungi that could potentially grow inside your slippers are eliminated.

Natural drying

To keep all the comfortable and soft properties of your slippers, choose natural drying rather than tumble drying. If, however, you want to speed up the drying of your slippers, you can line the inside with clean, dry newspaper. This tip is also valid for maintaining their shape over time.

From our advice, remember two tips: baking soda is essential for dry maintenance of your shoes, and Angarde slippers . And natural drying allows you to keep these same slippers as cozy as the first day!

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