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Recycled wool slippers - Angarde: a winter essential to add to your wardrobe

We all remember this wool sweater from our childhood. Our grandmother knitted it by the fire with balls of shimmering colored wool. This comfortable and comforting garment has witnessed all our explorations in the garden, at the beach or in the forest.

What if you extended your childhood memories by discovering our collection of slippers made from recycled wool?

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The main advantages of wool

Wool is a noble natural material. Making up the fleece of goats or sheep, these natural fibers have significant advantages. This is why it has been used in the textile industry for several decades. Many items of clothing are designed entirely or partially with wool: hats, sweaters, scarves. Some mid-season ready-to-wear pieces are also made of wool, undershirts for example. Did you know ? Great athletes and explorers favor these knits for their insulating properties and extreme softness.

Wool, a self-breathing fiber

This natural raw material contains approximately 80% of its weight in air. Thanks to this particularity, its fibers retain your body heat and slow the passage of outside air. This is why wool is used in the making of winter clothing (sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves, etc.) since it retains your heat and diffuses it slowly depending on variations in outside temperatures. Nylon, polyester or cotton do not have this thermoregulatory capacity.

A renewable raw material

The exploitation of these natural fibers is part of a circular and sustainable approach. Flocks of sheep raised for meat are excellent suppliers of natural wool . The fleece of certain breeds of sheep is particularly appreciated for its robustness and quality. This raw material has been used for several generations in the design of mattresses known for their longevity.

For around ten years, certain artisans have been developing techniques to recycle the wool used in certain textile pieces. At Angarde , our collections of slippers and shoes are made with recycled natural materials.

Why choose recycled wool?

Angarde offers you a collection of slippers made with this material. The challenge of our activity is to offer you products designed with recycled materials (natural textile fibers and leather inserts).

Acting for a circular economy

This natural material has been used for a long time to dress and insulate one's home. The exploitation of the fleeces of goats, sheep and even alpacas is a fine example of sustainable and responsible development. Taken from the backs of sheep and goats farmed in Europe, the wool is washed, sorted and carded. Unfortunately, this washing process, used by the textile industries and some breeders, can be very water intensive.

By choosing one of our slipper models, you are choosing to participate in a sustainable and circular economy. Your purchase encourages the development of our activity: imagining and creating collections designed with recycled and natural materials. Exit nylon, and long live recycled materials! The uppers of the Angarde slippers are made with recycled ecological wool and the insoles are made from reused cotton.

Choosing an up-cycled natural material in the design of slippers or pieces of clothing does not spoil the final quality of the product. Our Angarde slippers are known for:

  • the robustness of their soles;

  • the extreme softness of their cotton interior and their uppers;

  • the quality of their finishes (leather inserts and stitching).

Consume local and responsible

The Angarde philosophy pursues a single goal: to create comfortable and practical shoes and slippers by reusing materials that have already been used, to favor a circular approach. Choosing a pair of slippers from the brand demonstrates your desire to consume responsibly.

At Angarde , we highlight the sometimes ancestral know-how of wool carding. This process allows the recycled fibers to be untangled and aerated. It is in workshops in Spain that the artisans carry out these operations with mechanical tools, and taking their time. Gradually, the resistance of the fibers of this recycled wool is tested. On this occasion, it is also possible to dye them with natural colors of plant origin.

As you know, the textile industry is one of the largest consumers of energy and water. This is why Angarde strives to develop parallel production made up of materials already transformed and too often doomed to destruction. Transformed sheep or goat fleece, like recycled cotton, are increasingly present in our European ready-to-wear collections. If you want to act in favor of a circular and local economy, if you favor quality consumer products, recognized for their durability, if you are sensitive to refined aesthetics... Then, the slipper collections offered by Angarde will seduce you.

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