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Vegan: definition of a unique mode of consumption

The concept of veganism is on everyone's lips. In recent years, this way of consuming, considered more ethical, has managed to attract more and more fans. First known to talk about food, the movement quickly spread to other sectors, including fashion. It is therefore quite natural that committed brands have taken up the subject to offer products that are ever more respectful of the environment. Vegan, definition of a fashionable consumption mode, focus!

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Better understand the concept of vegan or vegan

The dictionary definition of veganism is clear. She explains that vegan people completely exclude products of animal origin from their diet and their consumption in general. Becoming vegan means choosing to adopt a lifestyle that is more respectful of the animal world and the planet as a whole. Than a vegan person? It's actually quite simple since it can eat anything that belongs to the plant sphere: starchy foods, fresh and dried fruits (almonds), vegetables and legumes, seeds (squash, flax, chia, etc.) and cereals (quinoa, wheat …), as well as all their derivatives. Objective: to stock up on vitamins and ensure all the benefits of a healthy diet, without exploiting the animal world.

Furthermore, veganism should not be confused with vegetarianism, lacto-vegetarianism, pesco-vegetarianism, or even vegetarian cuisine. For example, vegetarians only exclude meat. Milk, cheese and even honey are allowed in the vegetarian diet.

Vegan product: definition

A vegan product is by definition a product that does not come from the animal world. This includes animals, but also products derived from animals such as honey or eggs, for example.

Contrary to popular belief, nutritionists assure that this diet is excellent for health. Properly carried out, it covers almost all of the essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. This proves that it is entirely possible not to exploit animals to meet your needs.

Is being vegan just for the food?

The vegan way of eating is actually a real way of living. As such, this does not only concern vegan food. In reality, veganism concerns all aspects of daily life, namely: the choice of clothes, cosmetics, and so on.

What is a vegan brand?

A vegan brand, or vegan, is a brand that has chosen to create an offering of products or services that does not use any product or by-product from the animal world. This must be true at all stages of the production chain (no animal testing, for example) and in the final product. Indeed, being a vegan brand must not respond to fashion, but integrate global thinking and a truly ethical positioning.

How do you know if a brand is vegan?

Vegan brands generally take care to display the “Vegan” label on their product when they are concerned. As a consumer, you can also carry out your own checks. To do this, you can take a few precautions and check the composition of the products before purchasing them. Any indication of product or by-product derived from animals should be banned. This includes, for example, the presence of wool, lanolin, leather, beeswax or even animal fat, among others.

Angarde, avant-garde ethical brand

From the very beginning of its creation, Angarde has chosen to promote the notion of responsible fashion. It is also a real common thread for our society. Among our objectives, we notably wanted to adopt a circular model by favoring recycled materials and ensuring our pairs a second life. To do this, we have notably set up a recycling program.

The second objective was to offer pairs of high-end slippers and shoes, of impeccable quality, so that they were as durable as possible. All this was done with the aim of reducing waste as much as possible and differentiating itself from the methods of the traditional textile industry.

Why is Angarde not 100% vegan?

Angarde cannot be called a 100% vegan brand, for one simple reason. In fact, some of our products, notably our slippers, are partly made from recycled wool. We made this choice because recycled wool is a solid, high-end material that ensures your pair has flawless durability.

However, many of our products are vegan. This is for example the case with our espadrilles or even our sneakers. The latter are in fact mainly made from grape, cactus or even pineapple “leather”. Here again, these are high quality materials which also allow us to stay in line with our circular approach.

Conclusion :

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what veganism is and what comes from it. Being vegan is a real commitment, first of all to yourself, but also to the planet, the environment and the animal world. According to recent surveys, more and more of us are adopting this mode of consumption. Man is changing and inventing new ways of consuming and seeing the world. Angarde, a brand of sustainable and quality shoes, is partly reflected in this concept and we are proud to be able to say that some of our products are now vegan.

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