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How to bring back the white of sneakers?

Essential for every wardrobe, pairs of white shoes go with everything and are always as trendy as ever. However, they are also very messy! Angarde shares some tips for finding clean, bright white shoes.

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Essential for every wardrobe, pairs of white shoes go with everything and are always as trendy as ever. However, they are also very messy! Angarde shares some tips for finding clean, bright white shoes.

Machine washing white sneakers: is it a good idea?

The answer is no !

It is never recommended to clean your white shoes in the washing machine . If canvas shoes are likely to resist it, your sneakers , tennis shoes or leather sneakers risk leaving feathers!

Indeed, sneakers are shoes that have an assembly of different parts: the sole, the box, the laces, etc. It is therefore a fairly delicate accessory which requires special maintenance otherwise your pair can quickly be damaged in a washing machine. This is all the more true for vegetable leather shoes: this material, which must be taken care of, can quickly deteriorate if it is placed in a washing machine.

Shoes aren't the only thing that can get damaged: your washing machine can too. In fact, the mechanical action of your equipment pushes the shoes to bounce against the walls of the drum. These movements can therefore damage your washing machine prematurely.

A word of advice: opt for the traditional method of cleaning by hand . Your shoes will thank you (and your machine too)!

How to wash your white shoes?

1. The white school eraser

A simple tip… but effective! Take a small white school eraser and gently rub the traces of dirt on the white soles of your pair of shoes.

Magic: the stains disappear like a bad pencil stroke on your drawing!

2. Toothpaste

Don't have anything on hand to clean your white sneakers? Don't panic, a little toothpaste is the solution:

  1. Moisten the covering of your shoe;

  2. Place a small amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush;

  3. Gently rub the areas covered with dirt;

  4. Leave for ten minutes;

  5. Remove excess with a tissue or clean cloth.

And that's all ! This is a very quick method for cleaning your shoes, but be careful: the toothpaste paste must be completely white. Otherwise, you risk getting your sneakers dirty more than anything else!

3. Baby powder

No, you're not dreaming: baby powder works miracles for cleaning white canvas shoes.

  1. In a container, pour a small amount of talcum powder;

  2. Add a little water to obtain a white paste;

  3. Dip a toothbrush into the paste obtained;

  4. Gently brush your pair of shoes;

  5. Leave it on for 30 minutes and come back and rub your sneakers with a cloth to remove the excess.

Little extra: talc is a very effective solution for absorbing perspiration in shoes. By using it, you make a big difference: you get clean shoes by eliminating both stains and bad odors.

4. White vinegar

If you want to clean your white canvas sneakers, there's nothing like a little white vinegar , which has always proven itself when it comes to removing difficult stains.

  1. In a basin of water, pour one third of white vinegar to two thirds of water;

  2. Immerse your pair of shoes inside the container;

  3. Rub gently using a small brush;

  4. Rinse and clean using a sponge soaked in clean water.

With white vinegar, you are sure to find shoes like new!

5. Baking soda

Another method: baking soda . This product is the essential ally for cleaning stains! This white powder can be applied to leather shoes, fabric shoes or your rubber soles.

  1. Moisten a toothbrush;

  2. Sprinkle dirty areas of the shoe with baking soda;

  3. Gently rub the stains using circular movements;

  4. Add a little dishwashing liquid for optimal effectiveness.

With this, the result is guaranteed, your sneakers will never have been so white!

6. Marseille soap

Renowned for its cleaning properties, Marseille soap is effective in removing stains from shoes.

  1. Impregnate an old toothbrush with Marseille soap;

  2. Rub your sneakers gently;

  3. Rinse with cold water;

  4. Repeat the manipulation on the stains that persist;

  5. Let your shoes air dry.

Marseille soap is an excellent alternative for finding clean and shiny shoes. All you have to do is test!

7. Soda crystals

When it comes to cleaning white shoes, soda crystals are no exception! This perfectly natural alternative can allow you to give a second life to your dirty pair of shoes:

  1. Pour half a liter of hot water into a container;

  2. Dissolve three spoonfuls of soda crystals in this hot water;

  3. Dip a small brush into the mixture and gently scrub the shoes over the dirty areas;

  4. Rinse the shoes using a damp cloth;

  5. Let it air dry.

Thanks to all these tips, you can be sure that your white shoes will quickly regain their whiteness!

Cleaning your Angarde white shoes: how to do it?

After Surf sneakers , beige mules in recycled linen, white cotton espadrilles... High-end Angarde shoes offer you a dressy style for all occasions! However, their white color can quickly deteriorate. How to maintain it?

Angarde sneaker shampoo

To take care of your Angarde white shoes, there's nothing like hand washing using our sneaker shampoo . This jelly is used to gently remove stains from your shoes and can be applied to any type of material: leather, canvas, textile, rubber soles, etc.

The shampoo comes with a nozzle and a small brush with soft bristles. Its use is simple:

  1. Lather the stained areas of your sneakers;

  2. Rinse with clean water;

  3. Blot gently;

  4. Leave to dry away from the sun.

Angarde and white shoe polish

Want to give your sneakers a little shine? Our white shoe polish is ideal for providing a brighter whiteness to your white shoes:

  1. Shake the bottle before use;

  2. Spread shoe polish on dirty areas;

  3. Leave to dry for ten minutes.

All you have to do is wipe your shoes with a clean cloth to enjoy them!

Angarde product to waterproof your shoes

Due to their lightness, white shoes are much more dirty and sensitive to heat or humidity. To remedy this, our gas-free waterproofing allows you to cover the surface of your shoes with a protective barrier against water and dust. To use it:

  1. Dust your shoes with a soft brush;

  2. Spray them with the waterproofer, from 15cm away;

  3. Leave to rest for 1 hour before repeating the operation.

This should be useful for you to find pairs of white, clean and bright shoes!