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How to better store your shoes in your closets?

A lover of pretty shoes, are you somewhat overwhelmed by your passion, and your wardrobes too? To find a suitable place for each pair of shoes on your shelves, follow our tips: transform your furniture to save space. Dare to use vertical storage, imagine decorative tips to do yourself.

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Make use of your existing storage

The situation is critical: you no longer know where to store or how to store your shoes? Keep calm, we have solutions to offer you. The first step of the project lies in the analysis of the situation, by answering these two questions:

  • how many pairs of shoes do you have to store in your closets? ;

  • what types of storage or space do you have?

Each room in your house or apartment has a suitable way to store your shoes: on shelves, in sliding drawers, on shoe trees, or under your bed. It's up to you to manage to fit a pair of shoes into each available space!

Use existing spaces in your house or apartment

You live in a house equipped, luckily, with a dressing room, large cupboards in a garage, or converted attics. These spaces, often large, are particularly suitable for storing your shoes, including boots and slippers .

There are many pieces of furniture suitable for storing shoes: sneakers, pumps and even slippers . Depending on the space available in your garage, in your dressing room or in the converted attic of your house, you can choose:

  • narrow, high shelves;

  • furniture with sliding or vertical drawers;

  • or boxes to slide at the bottom of your cupboards or under the bed in your bedroom.

Our tip: opt for transparent boxes to place at the bottom of a cupboard or in a dressing room. When choosing your pair of shoes of the day, you will be able to see your different models without needing to open the boxes.

How to store your shoes in your dressing room or cupboards?

You have a dressing room near your bedroom, or large cupboards in the entrance to your house. How to store your shoes optimally? We advise you to organize the storage of your shoes at the bottom of your cupboards. To save space, you can arrange your shoes by family (sneakers, ballet flats, boots and pumps, etc.). Our advice? Install shoe racks at the bottom of your closets. You can stack them to save exceptional space! These objects look like pliers . Made of plastic, wood or metal, they can be placed on the ground or hung vertically on a wall.

Use your imagination to store your shoes

Are you lacking storage space in your apartment for your many pairs of shoes? Start making very clever pieces of furniture simply and quickly.

Self-made furniture

To relieve your shoe closet, you can make wall storage with pallet wood and a few hooks. This DIY accessory is ideal for small interior spaces. You choose the length of your wooden board, you set the desired number of hooks and you install this wall storage in your hallway for example.

Vertical storage

To save space, opt for vertical accessories . In a wardrobe, you can hang your pairs of boots using clothes pegs and hangers .

In your hallway or under the stairs, you can install a rack on which you hang your pumps and ankle boots by the heel. In addition to being a clever storage option, this accessory is economical and decorative.

Focus on discretion thanks to clever storage

Looking for storage tips for your many pairs of shoes, you prefer discreet furniture and hidden storage accessories. Here are our tips for storing your sneakers and pumps out of sight.

Magical shoe racks

In your home, there is an underutilized space that you can transform into magic storage for your sneakers: sliding drawers in the steps of your stairs . Clever, these storage spaces are very discreet and very functional.

Original storage ideas

In your bedroom or in your hallway, do you still have a little space to attach a wall shelf? Our tip: organize vertical storage of your sneakers using square shelf boards to be fixed in the V position.

If you want a DIY atmosphere in your entrance, PVC tubes to attach to the wall are clever. Very functional, you can slip your pumps into them.

To complete a minimalist decoration of your interior, we advise you to attach simple metal hooks to the wall of your entrance or in a hallway . Simple and effective, this installation will highlight your sneakers in flashy colors.

If you are looking for an original idea to install in your studio where every space is precious, a metal grille with hooks to hang behind your door will please you. In your garage or on your balcony, you can also install baskets on your shelves to store your slippers and sneakers.

Storing your shoes, as you will have understood, is a question of organization and optimization of spaces. There are many solutions, very easy to make yourself: shelves made from reclaimed wood , racks to hang on the wall at the back of a cupboard or in an entryway, etc.

Final advice : choose elements and accessories that promote ventilation in your shoes. To increase the lifespan of your pumps and provide you with optimal comfort, it is important to keep your shoes clean. Did you know ? A few flakes of baking soda on the inside of your soles two to three times a month are enough to eliminate bacteria and eliminate bad odors.