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Why do we have sales?

Why choose to have sales as a responsible brand? We can ask ourselves this question! And we answer you, in complete transparency.

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For several years, if the textile industry has had sales it is because prices are inflated by excessive margins.

At Angarde, we seek to offer you durable and ultra-comfortable quality shoes at the fairest price, all year round!

Let's be honest, opting for quality materials made in Europe has a cost. And that’s without counting delivery, packaging, communication costs, etc.

Today, we are therefore offering you discounts on a very specific selection of products; the remaining sizes of our latest collections, end of series, unsold items.
To please you, allow us to see more clearly in our warehouses and make room for new models.

The Angarde sales, why?

Firstly because there is an economic reality to take into account. We practice pre-ordering to minimize stocks and overproduction but also to assess demand once non-pre-order production has started.

However - as with all brands - we sometimes have some unsold items and end of series items. It is on these models and only these models that we apply our discounts.

The fairest solution we have found is therefore to offer reductions of 25% or 30% on a selection of models which will disappear or evolve.

We are reducing our margin but we believe that everyone is a winner:

  • you, because you have the opportunity to benefit from some of our models at lower prices.
  • us, because we reduce our stock and we can focus on what's next: what's the point of having stock sitting in the warehouse?
  • the planet, because fewer unsold items = less waste.

How do we go about selling sales ethically and responsibly?

This will seem special to you in this period when all brands absolutely want to sell but… take the time to think before buying!

We have a way to ask you the right questions: the BISOU method

So no, a kiss given is not equal to a tree saved but almost…

The BISOU method is a very good memo-technical tool to encourage you to ask yourself the right questions when you want to buy a product. This tool is here:

  • Need : What hidden need does this purchase meet?
  • Immediate : Do I need it immediately? Is it the promo that creates this sense of urgency? Can I wait a few days before deciding?
  • Similar : Do I already have something similar?
  • Origin : What is the origin of this product? Where was it produced, with what material, under what conditions?
  • Useful : Ultimately, what is the real use for me? Will it bring me essential comfort? How have I been doing until now?

The idea is not to make you feel guilty by telling you not to buy. We prefer to invite you to be conscious of your purchases and to give meaning to what you consume.

So if you want to treat yourself after using the BISOU method of course, you have up to 30% off our espadrilles and sneakers models .