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The 10 commandments of Angarde for the care of your shoes

Shoes are certainly the essential accessory of elegance. Dirty or poorly maintained shoes and the whole balance of a silhouette collapses. The only way to remedy this: maintenance. And the question that often comes up is: “How to maintain them?” » So here are some ideas, tips and advice for maintaining your Angarde shoes…!

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1. Waterproof your shoes to protect them

Waterproofing your shoes must become a real reflex and must be part of a care and maintenance routine. As soon as you purchase them, waterproof your Angarde slippers, sneakers or espadrilles with a suitable spray: we recommend the ecological waterproofing without gas or solvent from Famaco. 150ml bottle, on sale on our website.

The product places a protective film on the upper, which prevents dust from soaking into the textile too quickly.

Protect your Angarde shoes from rain and stains.

2. Put your shoes on shoe trees

Whether for your Angarde slippers, sneakers or espadrilles, the wooden shoe tree is certainly the most useful accessory for maintaining your Angarde. When you wear your shoes, you sweat. Unfortunately it's a fact, and there's nothing we can do about it. All parts of your shoe made of natural materials (textile or skin) will absorb this moisture. As you walk, creases will form on your shoe and if this moisture is not absorbed, your shoe will tend to become deformed.

Wooden shoe trees absorb moisture, allow you to tighten your shoes and prevent creases from wear and tear from walking from irreparably marking your Angarde.

If you don't have shoe trees on hand, you can put the Angarde paper back in your Angarde when you're not wearing them so they keep their shape, that will work too!

3. Air them regularly

Every evening, when you come home, don't wait to take off your Angarde espadrilles or sneakers: your shoes will finally have the opportunity to breathe.

Warning: if they are damp, do not dry them near a heat source (sun or radiator): you risk causing brown spots to appear which will never go away.

4. Clean your shoes

If there is a stain, clean your Angarde shoes before it becomes encrusted!

First remember to remove the insole from your Angarde.

  • Angarde slippers and espadrilles : you can clean the upper (upper part, excluding leather inserts) with cold water, a little soap and a sponge.
  • Angarde sneakers with a recycled cotton upper : use cold water, a nail brush and soap. Be careful not to rub the faded areas, as the color could come off. If the pineapple “alter-leather” inserts lose some of their splendor with wear, don't hesitate to give them color again using a leather polish.
  • Angarde sneakers in full-grain Italian leather or cactus “alter-leather” : we advise you to clean them with Famaco Sneakers shampoo . 200ml bottle, on sale on our website.

To use it, it’s very simple:

  • Remove dust first, then apply shampoo
  • Scrub with a sneaker brush or nail brush
  • Let the shampoo take effect
  • Wipe with a damp cloth

And presto, voila: you have shoes like new!

5. Do not dry your shoes in the sun or near a heat source

Be careful, dry your shoes in the open air, away from the sun and any heat source to prevent them from becoming deformed.

Once your Angarde are dry, you can re-waterproof them.

6. Use the right products

A bad product can cause damage. Keep in mind to favor natural materials. Famaco brand products are recognized for their strong moisturizing and neutralizing power.

Available on our site, in the “Accessories” tab.

7. Protect your Angarde slippers from moths

For a natural solution without risk to health and also economical, opt for grandmother's remedies to eliminate moths from your cupboards.

Organic essential oils of cedar or mint are very effective in fighting textile moths, as is lavender.

8. Not wearing the same pair every day

You should avoid wearing your shoes two days in a row.

By wearing the same pair of shoes day after day, you accelerate the aging process... and the unpleasant odors that go with it! Whatever your favorite shoe model, limit yourself to wearing them every other day at most.

We emphasize that our slippers are indoor slippers and that it is recommended to wear them indoors.

9. Store your shoes correctly

Take care to store your shoes in a ventilated area, if possible on horizontal bars rather than in boxes. At the end of the season, be sure to store clean, waterproof shoes.

10. Pamper them!

Well, simply: love them and take care of them, like the apple of your eye!

As you know, the lifespan of a shoe is not eternal... It is natural that it ages and deteriorates over the years. Our slippers have a premium positioning because we have chosen noble and natural materials (Italian wool, Italian leather, etc.). These materials are significantly more fragile than synthetic materials derived from petroleum.

Therefore, we recommend taking care of them as you would a beautiful cashmere sweater, in order to maximize their lifespan.

11. (Little bonus) And then recycle them!

In a circular approach, we offer a free recycling program for your old Angarde. When they are too worn, send us your Angarde at the end of their life so that they can be recycled into new sneaker soles: this way we prevent them from ending up in the trash or incinerated in the countryside.

How it works ? Write us an email at : we will send you a free return slip, and upon receipt of your pair, we will thank you by offering you 15% off your next online order!

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