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Trendy slippers, our selection of the best slipper models for 2022

Winter is the ultimate cocooning season. At this time of year, there's nothing like enjoying your home and staying warm from the cold outside. If there's one purchase that everyone makes this season, it's slippers. If before no one really paid attention to this accessory, today the trend is completely the opposite. The renewed public interest in the famous slippers has encouraged many brands to create ever more sophisticated models. In this special trendy slipper guide, Angarde invites you to decipher the key trends for fall/winter 2022. Let's go!

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The recycled wool terry slipper, a must-have for 2022!

Among the models of The most comfortable slippers that clearly stand out this year are the faux fur slippers . This is undoubtedly the ultimate comfortable women's slipper this year!

Exit the classic slipper and make way for fashion and novelty. In addition to being real soft slippers, the soft fur models are particularly warm and cozy. It was enough for them to become the trendiest slippers of the moment, a real must-have to have in your wardrobe.

Colorful wool terry, the height of trendy slippers

Beyond the simple , sober and classic slipper, some designers have had fun creating more eccentric slippers. To do this, they added color and not least! You can find slippers with multi-colored uppers from the biggest brands, including luxury ones.

It was enough for fashionistas around the world to surf on this new trend. This is how fashionistas even started wearing these ultra-trendy slippers in their daily looks. These slippers then became real shoes, sometimes like sandals, sometimes like boots. Unexpected shoes of course, but very fashionable and original.

The wool terry trend for men

In men, this trend is more discreet. Rather than an entirely fur slipper, it is more the inside of the mules and moccasins which have been covered with hair for the winter. Enough to keep your feet warm while remaining sober and elegant.

Another fashion trend in slippers: knitting

If there is a warm and comfortable material that is coming back to the forefront of the shoe trend this year, it is knitting. Wool is ideal for this. It brings comfort, warmth and relaxation to the feet. We will also find pretty knitted patterns on all kinds of slipper models such as mules, moccasins, but also ballerinas and even the classic Charentaise shoes! In short, there's something for everyone.

Knitted Christmas slippers, a classic!

If there's one type of knit slipper that's truly stylish, it's the Christmas one. This year, there will be something for everyone and for the whole family. In 2022, there's no question of spending a family Christmas without matching knitted pairs!

The recycled wool mule, warm, cozy and above all ethical!

One of the most popular styles of women's slippers and men's slippers this year is undoubtedly the wool mule, or wool clogs. The height of comfort, these slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm, while remaining elegant. These are classic slippers, it's true, but they still work just as well. Looking for an original gift this year? Think about this trendy men's slipper to be sure to please!

Choosing the right wool mules is important

Choosing a pair of quality wool mules cannot be improvised. To make the right choice, you must first take care to turn to brands committed to the quality of their product. In 2022, we are also consuming more sustainably and this also concerns fashion. Therefore, opting for mules made from recycled wool or made from eco-sourced materials is an excellent choice.

In addition, the choice of quality slippers also ensures optimal durability thanks to a solid sole and robust fabric. Finally, choosing the right color is just as important. This year, “nude” and natural colors are in the spotlight. White, gray or even beige are elegant and timeless colors, both in women's and men's wardrobes.

A trendy slipper from Angarde, what does it look like?

Angarde's goal has been the same since the company's genesis. It's not always about following a shoe trend , but about creating a timeless and durable design that our customers can wear throughout their lives. To do this, we have taken care to create ranges of women's slippers and ranges of men's slippers that are simple (but not simplistic), elegant (and never flashy), but above all offering optimal comfort.

The choice of quality materials, the leitmotif of Angarde slippers

If you know the brand, you know that Angarde is a brand totally invested in the research and development of eco-sourced and sustainable materials. Our brand has chosen to position itself as an actor of ethical and eco-conscious fashion. This is why our two-tone and multi-colored slippers are designed with real know-how and innovative quality materials.

The trendy slipper now has no secrets for you! With Angarde, dare to wear an elegant and cozy indoor shoe, but above all an ethical and responsible slipper. Today, it is entirely possible to be trendy and consume better. No more rushing for inexpensive models made on the other side of the world in synthetic materials. This year, focus on quality! Ultimately, you will see that it is your feet that will thank you for it.

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