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Which slippers to choose so as not to sweat?

To keep our feet warm, we tend to opt for comfortable slippers. However, sometimes our slippers cause feet to sweat which can be uncomfortable, transmit bad odors and even encourage the development of bacteria. So, which slipper to choose so as not to sweat and stay pleasant and comfortable at home? Whatever the season, sweaty feet are always unpleasant. When you sweat, the sweat remains trapped in the shoes and causes all sorts of inconveniences for the wearer.

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Why do our feet sweat in our slippers?

Sweating is a natural phenomenon by which the body regulates its temperature. It is produced by glands present in the skin. The sweating process is triggered when we are exposed to heat, during physical exercise which raises our body temperature, or in a stressful situation. In these cases, the glands in the skin are stimulated and the body begins to produce sweat. Perspiration is mainly composed of water and mineral salts. When sweat evaporates from the skin, heat is released and our body cools, returning to a normal body temperature, which is between 36.1 and 37.8°C. It should be noted that the consumption of certain foods promotes sweating, such as coffee, alcohol or spices.

To avoid excessive sweating, it is advisable to practice good hygiene and wear men's summer slippers that allow your feet to breathe, such as those made of leather or linen.

What materials for slippers should you avoid so as not to sweat your feet?

What slipper materials should you avoid so as not to sweat your feet? To avoid excessive sweating of the feet, it is recommended to avoid certain materials that can trap moisture in the shoe and promote perspiration. It is essential to avoid synthetic materials such as plastic, vinyl or nylon, as these materials do not allow good air circulation and can trap moisture, which can cause discomfort in the shoe. It is recommended to favor slippers made of genuine leather, made of breathable natural materials such as linen, which provide good ventilation.

At angarde our linen mules are ideal for winter: warm, ultra comfortable but also breathable. It is made up of a recycled linen upper, a recycled bamboo fiber lining and a recycled latex and microfiber insole to limit perspiration in these shoes.

angarde mules

Slippers with an interior fur lining are also effective in preventing sweating, as they increase the insulation of the foot. However, you have to pay attention to the material of the lining. For example, a synthetic lining traps the moisture produced in the slipper and accentuates the unpleasant appearance of the slipper.

It is recommended to opt for cotton terry linings.

By avoiding synthetics and materials that retain moisture, you can reduce excessive foot sweating!

Which sole to avoid sweating?

For the sole of your slipper, it is advisable to favor natural materials!

Shoes with a rubber sole have many advantages: they are environmentally friendly, non-slip and durable.

rubber sole slippers

Slippers with soles made of natural fibers like bamboo are not only comfortable for our feet, they also have antiperspirant properties by absorbing moisture and promoting evaporation.

Wool felt insoles provide a high level of comfort thanks to their softness and cushy texture. Wool felt is a naturally insulating material that provides heat retention, is also breathable. This smooth sole glides over the ground, allows air to circulate, wicks away moisture and helps keep your feet dry.

Choosing slippers for children is slightly different, as there are other factors to take into account.

What are the solutions when your feet sweat too much?

No matter what material your shoes are made of, there is a solution: antiperspirant slippers. These particular slippers are made from products that help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. If your feet sweat excessively, antiperspirant slippers are a good solution. They are designed to absorb moisture more effectively than regular slippers. These slippers are antibacterial and prevent bad odors. They provide optimal comfort to your feet and reduce friction and irritation.

Talc has absorbent properties and helps the skin stay dry. However, although talcum powder absorbs moisture, its effect is temporary and the more you sweat, the less effective it is. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended not to use it as it may cause itching and infections. Alternatively, alum stone is popular for limiting sweating. It is composed of aluminum and potassium. It must be applied to damp skin and it helps eliminate bad odors.

How to eliminate bad odors in slippers?

To eliminate bad odors already present in the liner, there are many solutions and tips.

You can use deodorizing sprays that actually eliminate odors in your slippers, rather than just masking them. At Angarde, our deodorizer neutralizes bad odors caused by foot sweat. All you have to do is spray it into your slippers after using them.

angarde air freshener

Essential oils are also effective because they have antibacterial and deodorizing properties. You can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to the slippers, such as lavender, tea tree, clary sage or lemon.

The maintenance of slippers also plays a role in perspiration of the feet and the appearance of bad odors. Placing crumpled newspaper inside slippers at night, dry cleaning with baking soda, or shaking your pair regularly can remedy the discomfort of sweating. For detailed tips on cleaning wool slippers, see our article “ How to wash wool slippers ?”

Should you wear socks to limit perspiration?

Wearing socks can limit excessive foot sweating because they act as a barrier between the foot and the liner. It is important to choose socks made from materials similar to those of slippers, such as cotton, bamboo or leather.

At angarde, our socks are knitted in a family workshop in Portugal and made from bamboo and organic cotton.

angarde black women's socks

However, wearing socks that are too thick or made from synthetic materials unsuitable for the season can lead to intense sweating of the feet. So it is better to avoid wearing thick cotton socks during summer as they are more suitable for winter.

What slippers to wear for summer?

In summer, due to the heat that envelops France for several months, it is advisable to opt for light and breathable slippers.

Espadrilles are traditional canvas slippers, originating from the Basque Country, which offer good air circulation and optimal comfort. They can be worn both at home and outside and they are suitable for all occasions. Increasingly popular, these slippers are considered essential for summer. At Angarde, you can find all our espadrilles in a variety of colors, made from recycled materials, with a non-slip and durable sole.

angarde men's espadrille

Leather slippers are also ideal for summer. Their flexibility and lightness will allow you to walk around your home without sweating excessively with each step. In addition, leather is easy to maintain and comfortable.

angarde leather slippers

Opt for mules! These women's summer slippers open at the back allow air to penetrate the shoe and ventilate it at the same time. At Angarde, our mules are renowned for being ultra-comfortable, practical to put on and recyclable. Made of leather, wool and cotton, the mules have a casual chic style while having antibacterial and anti-odor properties thanks to their insole.

There are many factors responsible for sweating, ranging from heat to the type of materials used to make your shoe. This is why it is important to choose the right pair!

At Angarde our mules, slippers and espadrilles are light, comfortable and made from natural materials such as linen, making them ideal shoes against perspiration.