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A full love collab for Mother’s Day: Angarde x Absolution

Mother's Day is fast approaching. For the occasion, we are teaming up with Absolution, an organic cosmetics brand made in France. Discover it with us in this new article!

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Simple beauty, without artifice, authentic...

The concept of Absolution is simple: restore, preserve and protect the natural ecosystem skin. In short, reconnect with your natural beauty. The very authenticity of beauty. And since she is one of essential values of Angarde, we are delighted to put this mark in light .

During this collaboration with Absolution, we interviewed Julie, the brand's communications manager.


Where was Absolution born? How did she grow up? And why Absolution?


Absolution was born in 2009. Isabelle, our founder, was director of a communications agency and worked for cosmetic brands. It was not found in any of them, neither in terms of values ​​nor in terms of quality. She therefore imagined the ideal brand, but initially with the aim of presenting it as a case study to inspire the brands for which she worked. And then she said to herself that maybe it wasn't a bad idea to start it after all!


How are cosmetics made that respect health and the planet?


It is a long process. It is not enough to have organic formulas because today, that is not the most difficult thing. You must choose the packaging that will have the lowest impact while being the easiest to recycle. We must also take into account the service providers and suppliers with whom we work, and ensure that everyone can find their way. We must also ensure that at the very beginning of the chain, the producers of raw materials are in the same approach as Absolution... So when we find them, we keep them, and most of them have been with us from the beginning .


What do you like to share with your community?


We like to share our vision of beauty: non-gendered, because apart from a few hormonal differences, women and men have the same skin so there is no reason not to use the same treatments; organic, and as organic as possible (we are on average 52% organic, where the labels require 15%); as respectful of the planet as possible.

This beauty is not only physical, it is also in the world around us, and that is something that we share on our media .


What do you think is a good “Morning Routine”?


A good morning routine starts with a good night's sleep, because no cosmetic can replace that (at least, not in the long term).

Then, you have to remember to rehydrate as soon as you wake up because you are still coming out of around 7-8 hours of fasting, so you have to recharge your water batteries.

Try to do some movements, without going for a 10 km run (unless that's your hobby) but enough to gently wake up the body, restart circulation and especially that of the lymph which, unlike blood, has no pump to circulate.

Breakfast is whatever you want: there is the school of intermittent fasting and the school of breakfast which lasts until midday. You have to know how to listen to yourself, nothing suits everyone so on this point, we let you trust yourself!

As for care: no cleaning in the morning, and we can’t repeat that enough. It completely disrupts the hydrolipidic film and just pushes the skin to produce more sebum. The only excuse to cleanse your skin in the morning is if you're using a retinol-based night cream. But apart from this specific case, just a little fresh water if you are lucky enough to live in a region where the water is not too hard, and otherwise, a hydrosol.

Then, a serum depending on the needs of the day (rather moisturizing or vitaminized if you had a little night...), your day cream, without forgetting the eye area. Makeup or not, that's up to you :)

What do you find most beautiful in nature?
The beauty of Nature is that it has almost all the answers to our problems and that also applies to skin problems. Chemistry has been trying to imitate nature for a long time, and this is proof that it works!
What is the most beautiful step you have taken?
That of being able to create treatments that have allowed so much skin to come back to life, perhaps! It’s our little daily victory and what keeps us moving forward. And we try to share that again, by setting up partnerships that make sense: donating part of our profits to the women's center and to Ecotree for example. On the one hand an association which supports women victims of violence, on the other a company which works for the reforestation of French forests... We cannot be on all fronts, but if we can already contribute our little stone to their buildings, it fills us with joy!

Taking care of yourself and respecting the planet: it’s possible

Whether for Angarde with our shoes or for Absolution with cosmetics, offering environmentally friendly products is a long-term task. This is a real state of mind .

So everything has been thought of to implement this commitment:
Absolution products are all certified organic and natural , without petrochemicals, phthalates, surfactants, mineral oils or parabens. From design to production through the choice of packaging, each decision is a step towards sustainability .

And because our mothers deserve the best...

We decided to slide the Absolution Black Soap (worth €12) in your orders until May 29. We love its atypical packaging in which a solid soap with spicy notes and a fragrance to die for is hidden... Enriched with Propolis, activated charcoal and Tea Tree essential oil, it is suitable for all skin , even sensitive.

This Black Soap clearly did not leave us indifferent! The little extra? It is Cosmos Organic certified (Ecocert Greenlife).

So in addition to durable shoes, give your mother a real natural treasure . To do this, simply enter the code MAMAN in your basket so that it will be automatically added to your order.

Take advantage, our new models of R. espadrilles in recycled cotton are finally available! A nice combo, for a nice gift.